New review: No compromises 21.06.2017

Italian thugs RAID of an FBI informant. Among other protection of the informant and kill the son of the head of the FBI. Apparently, the office got a rat, so the chief remains nothing to catch the mafia boss, how to secretly introduce into a syndicate, former employee Mark Kaminski, who was dismissed for excessive use of force. And mark with joy, if only not to sit at home with my wife-drinking.

In a parallel universe it all in my head fit. With a mind, a kind of beta version of “Commando”, has not yet reached the level of crazy Mark Lester, but kicking and timidly poluchivshaya. Although losing, basically, everything. Instead of daughters, forgotten nobody wants a wife-hysterical, which show that once, instead of fighting girlfriend mustachioed boss, even managed to take part in the hug with Schwartz (under a group of Power Station I would not put!), instead of the mad villain talkative old man and a smart-ass Robert Davi. Although the latter I’m glad no one watch the film with their participation brightened. And he on the third series here in the credits put. Well, action John Irvin stars in the sky is not enough. In closed spaces is still quite good, but, for example, a large firefight in the air just a children’s party. Not that all fiercely bad, but somehow simple at all. Arnold kind of a badass undercover COP that his colacello extremely palitsya before lads (and once not overwhelmed at once), behind the scenes scored Galim merry music is not in theme (carnage in his career by “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones… as they say, thanks for not Benny Benassi), and the drug lords too much talking about business and misabiko (such as increasing meat heroes, but not particularly interesting). Potentially looks dashing, sometimes funny (in the final Chapter of the gang, surrounded by off thread Arnold, shrieking yells in his stead “Call the police!”), but without passion and down-to-earth. And worst of all, it’s not a parallel universe — in reality “No compromise” came out a year later “Commando”. So no mercy! PF-PF-PF-PF-PF!!!

5 out of 10

New review: No compromises 21.06.2017

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