New review: now you see me 2 01.07.2017

“The illusion of deception” — one of the many films that the sequel is not needed. Not because it’s a bad movie, and because of that simple story with great intrigue, holding the whole film and the unexpected twist to make a really good sequel, or at least similar to the original wouldn’t be. And they did not work! And to blame the money that the creators decided to shake the audience, because to do a franchise about the illusionists, where it is enough to show unreal tricks, it’s brilliant. Again forget about good plot, good characters, good motivation — we have provided it is not a new story, a continuation of the first film, making mistakes and contradictions, which in principle are easy to discern. New story look a lot better, and the creators wouldn’t have to split hairs with the story, inventing nonsense and returning old shows little moments. Yes, the audience appreciated the idea of illusionists more than a criticism, but does anyone believe in the success of the tape, where much is repeated. Perhaps, the creators thought that many appreciated the “stunning and incredible” story, so did the continuation of the story, but in the end all failed. Despite the fact that the picture is watchable and it is even possible to have fun unplugging, of course, the head of the film still failed.

The plot is moreover, that there was so much to capture, and contains many errors. When viewing not felt the effect of “Wow!” when looking at magic and unexpected twists. Especially the latter looks very silly. If you compare both films in this, the first part wins. And wins not because it is original, but because there was at least some effort, unlike the sequel where you can anticipate much higher set of nonsense. The cliche is made from painting the usual entertaining movie. Do not feel that it’s a Thriller or a detective. It’s more a crime Comedy, and the rest of the film is generally lost. And all again because of the characters. “Riders”, though experiencing the problem here, because in the first part they were incredibly inspirational and fearless, as well as the villain again badly written. Again, the intrigue of the first film is lost here because we are stuffed even more characters and they are all here for a reason. In fact, almost all of them are so predictable that if you tell the viewer “Hey, yeah, you’re not wrong, I do it!”, despite the complete absence of even a hint. Therefore, it is possible to watch only with a disabled head, the meaning here is less than in the original.

The soundtrack is cheerful and happy. Slightly modified theme, and again a lot of songs will appeal to many tastes. The special effects are also wonderful and also look good, where illusion and no graphics. Acting Marco Rufallo, as well as Jesse Eisenberg and woody Harrelson is good, and the last two because of their characters removed and the pathos added of seriousness. Others have suffered because of the script, even Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman bad here. The humor was funny, but fart jokes have not gone away. However, the laugh is bigger than that in the original preview. Camera work like multiple frames during illusions, which shows not only the graphics, but the acting in this.

The film turned out worse than the original, which is very frustrating, as this easily could have been avoided. And even that on the technical side, the picture began to look better, the plot and characters have also deteriorated.

5 out of 10

New review: now you see me 2 01.07.2017

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