New review: Occa 12.10.2017

Thanks to Cannes 2017 and similar events, can understand what lives where and is developing a modern cinema. Not all us Transformers and spiders to judge. And despite the “Fi” Almodovar on the participation of Netflix movies at the Cannes film festival, the brainchild of this platform is already available for our easy viewing at home on the couch. For Example, Occa.

At first it seems that you watch sesame Street with South Korean accent to the music of Bregovic, where they all freeze with their mouths open, grimace, where jumps lauded Gyllenhaal in the role Selibaby and germanicae Swinton Aki Miss piggy. In short, strongly illustrates the lack of globallyconnected action. But the more the young heroine is aware of the tragedy and hopelessness of the situation in which it turns out she and her pig-Hippo, the serious and Mature becomes the narrative.

Of course, Okja — the film is simple and pretty child. The creators enough monosyllables to focus the viewer on a modern, but already banal things: the heads of the huge corporations for profit are deprived of compassion and no moral principles, a human rights organization that preaches the ethical and humane treatment for all living things, are in total disarray, incoordination and absolute helplessness, and our desire of a comfortable existence completely replaces any morality and integrity towards their beliefs.

And let the basic idea of the picture is slightly beaten up, but less sad that they do not become. Yes, the film is a revolution in the minds of not produce, but a barbecue after watching something you do not want. Only there is a particularly urgent desire to quote the comrades in hysteria about GMOs (gluten, preservatives, etc.), euphemizing the phrase Jimmy Carr: “you can not have GMOs and to fill up… the mitten”.

6.5 out of 10

New review: Occa 12.10.2017

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