New review: Olympus has fallen 27.07.2016

2013 do I remembered two good movies about the white house, and now we are talking about a solid Thriller Olympus has fallen. Honestly, I watched it late Assault, but this film was able to stand out and be remembered its not a bad action scenes, which really was not bad. And the story itself, though similar to the story of the Assault, but it also has some special chips that produce the film.

1. That’s the plot. The plot in this film is very quickly and immediately captivates the viewer. With the first scene of the film shows that he intends to surprise the audience further. In the end, it turns out. For example, I could not take my eyes from the seizure of the house. “The plot tells us about a former secret service agent Mike banning who wakes up every morning with the thought of going back. But one accident, which turned all makes it impossible to return. But one day some terrorists begin a major takeover of the White house and Michael remains nothing how not to get involved in this conflict. And it is now depends on the fate of the President and the country itself. But will he be able to confront a group of well-trained fighters?”

2. It is the characters. The first thing I want to highlight the brutal Gerard Butler, who played the role of Banning. As usual, Butler in all his films plays on all cylinders. And this film is no exception. Butler showed himself perfectly and made an excellent fighter and a soldier. Loved the fight scenes, in which he participated and shootings. Next I want to highlight Aaron Ekhart, who played the role of President. He also did a great job with his role and made a great President. Yes, maybe his character is not too revealed, but he was able to be remembered and stand out. You can still select Morgan Freeman and Rick young. Morgan played the speaker, and Rick played a major negative role. Freeman has always won for its excellent acting and this time pleased the audience. And young remembered from the fast and the furious and this time was able to stand out and excellent to play the villain. The other actors also played well and fit into the film.

3. It’s the fight scenes. This film definitely stands out, because each scene was very epic, especially with the plane. Shooting and explosions are done just fine, and the fights which fit perfectly into the picture.

The cons of film it is possible to allocate slightly a little gloom and darkness that is present throughout the film. But perhaps it should be. In the end it was a strong Thriller that will appeal to many. Direct memories about the old film, such nostalgia. Great cast, not bad story and fight scenes makes this film available for viewing.

8 out of 10

New review: Olympus has fallen 27.07.2016

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