New review: Once transgressed the line 25.06.2017

This a review I wrote at least the form of censorship, but I will try to stick to censorship.

This film is the true indicator that the Russian cinema is imbued with propaganda of banditry. And this is propaganda by the introduction of ideas into the consciousness of the audience by what? Through what the viewer is most interested. And this is movie.

Divorced a lot of pseudo-investigators which is not very clear message. Someone killed someone — should investigate. It is, in fact, so clear. The promise, then what?

So there is too much hatred in the viewer to the outrage that should be punished. But not all return? Thus, it’s easy to assume that the developers have no respect for the audience. And the audience watches and enjoys the fact that “pours” from the TV.

Through our modern Russian films promoted the ideology that banditry wins. But since our developers movies, judging by their positions, the people reasonable, therefore highly doubt that this is done lightly. Albeit it sounds like an assumption. Perhaps the assumption is, but then it is disrespectful to the viewer. Or someone hurt a child. One thing from this.

Something special to this film just logically nothing to write: for the thousandth time, one retold and warped scenario.

As they say, each has its merit. We wish the authors of this creation is what you deserve. And the audience — to forget about modern Russian TV-movie, because it rotted. And not just, and rotting during, sorry, with the smell of waste.

New review: Once transgressed the line 25.06.2017

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