New review: one hour Photo 19.06.2017

The loneliness of a person is one of the most interesting topics in various fields of art and cinema is not an exception. You can really come up with a large amount of intrigue, the plot moves and speculation on this subject, because loneliness is the most frightening prospect for anyone. It would seem this is what we will tell “one hour Photo”, but as it turned out the painting was the second bottom.

And so, the plot is Sy Parrish, a man who literally lives for his work and because of their work. The SAI has no family, no children, no lover, nobody. But the CY has a job where he shows pictures of different people. For the past ten years, the SAI is watching through the film the life of another family, from marriage, to the birth and maturation of their child. Imbued with warm feelings for this happy family SAI begins to involuntarily attached to him, and then it is a full-fledged member of their family. What is the result? The plot develops gradually, despite the relatively short duration of the film seems very long. The atmosphere is good, the oppressive feeling from the first minute and does not leave even after viewing. Due to the intelligent script everyday problems turned into serious drama.

Of course the crowning of the painting is Robin Williams in the role of SAI Parrish. Sy Parrish is primarily a lonely and useless person. But this implies another problem, that I thought was leading in the movie. CY is a pathetic individual. Throughout the entire film to him felt pity, how unpleasant to look at the useless man in his old age, who really knows nothing except his work. Despite this the character of Williams was very controversial and deep, he is struggling with different emotions, SAI is both hostility and sympathy and fear. Sometimes I actively supported him, and after a few moments, dreamed of his failure. It is hard to decide what is your attitude to this character. However, again — sorry for him is the leading feeling while watching. In the end we are not a maniac, not crazy and not the victim companies. We have a man who is confused and doesn’t know how to act, just simply a hostage of circumstances. Although these circumstances were created by the SAI. During viewing, the viewer wonders, “did the SAI the right to the actions he committed?”, “What would I have done if you were in his place?” “Was it possible to avoid all these events, starting with the loneliness of the main character?” and so on.

The most frightening idea for me, the idea seemed to be danger of a pathetic person. He had nothing to risk, he has no reputation, which is cherished. Nothing to lose. For what can a man cornered and desperate? What danger to society does he represent? It is so easy to blame all their misfortunes of others. And most importantly — what is the root of all evil? This is exactly what I wondered after the movie. What happened to SAI and how he came to such a life. Unfortunately or fortunately we did not know this.

“One hour photo” is a quality designed Thriller with a storyline that the matter touches on interesting topics. However, as in the case of recently viewed my film “Gold” this tape is held solely by an incredible game Robin Williams. For a split second to imagine another actor and everything collapses. Yes, and all the other characters, walking the labels used for disclosure of the main character.

8 out of 10

New review: one hour Photo 19.06.2017

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