New review: one to One 24.06.2017

Show “one to One” on channel one, now beating all records of popularity (based on ratings), gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand I understand, what Titanic work performed by the creators of this project — make-up artists, costumers, filmmakers-Directors and in General the whole staff of television professionals. Their work, of course, I want to mention. Yes, the artists do not deny the hard work and diligence. Long and hard to rehearse, to get in the way, then a lot of hours to sit while applying makeup and all these silicone masks. Then the grueling hours of shooting. Under the lights, when “everything flows, everything changes” (I mean makeup) to speak, and then sit and wait for the final judicial verdict. This, of course, worth noting. But on the other hand I’m wondering … And all this for what? In any television project should be message — a certain message. What is the main idea of this show? The goal? The viewer to compare like — not like the original? It’s not a parody program where wittily noticed certain traits, mannerisms, habits, vocal, movement, etc. and that’s when it’s witty, it does not hurt for parodied.

Here’s a completely different genre — this show accurately hit the image. But for what? Anita Tsoy, in my opinion (although the same can be noted of her performance), never got in the way of Viktor Tsoi. Instead, the leader of group “Cinema” on the stage appeared some kind of a wax figure from Madame Tussaud’s, not similar at all to the original. Monster! If the copy from some cheap raw materials molded for pennies migrant workers, the Turkmen. I so wanted to yell “Off!” And the jury exuded the words of Gennady Khazanov, “uncontested Eulogy”, “the Greatest transformation! Work-top class! Bravo! I don’t see the difference!” I personally can see the difference. And very significant. Many times I have seen Choi on TV. Well, not like that at all. Between Anita and Victor have nothing in common, except the names and narrow eye shape. I loved exactly how for this reason said Alexander Shirvindt: “TV swells from games and competitions: choose the next “Miss Gateway”, then conduct a competition of parodists. I love this genre. Remember Chistyakov, Angelica, Filimonova, Vinokur, Gennadiy Khazanov, etc., that a thin bar noticed personality parodied. Today, the team of make-pathologists day sculpts the girl’s wax mummy fashion of the singer, and it’s called a parody. And the same Gennady Viktorovich Khazanov have to sit and understand this”.

Okay, even when this “parody” that happens once in the form of clumsy jokes in the skit, the KVN or the film “Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive”. But these “heroes” we show every week, and the whole country is watching, get Alexey Chumakov in the way Valery Leontiev or fall. Modern pop music or pop culture shocking, it’s all built on borrowing and cloning. Well, and parodied each other Penkin — Sati Casanova, Chumakov amazing, Choi Entirely, etc. Why touch Shulzhenko, Tsoi, Utesov? By the way, about Utesov, which was used Chumakov. Nothing is sacred for the participants one-to-One left? Instead of the stately majestic idol of millions of Soviet people (soloist) we brought some paralysed ugly man, sang twang. The cliffs sang. It’s just the recording quality was so, his voice reached us in this form. Why copy a voice recording of a great soloist? I sincerely do not understand. Or here Eva Polna in the manner of Cesaria Evora. From this “barefoot grandmothers” from the Islands of the Green Cape light was coming in life, she was watching the Universe (as correctly someone has noticed about this project)! How to play this light, if the eyes of the singer, depicting the Evora is hopelessly empty?

And one more incomprehensible to me line — why Eugene Kungurova (singer with Opera voice, raised on the classics) to be conformed to the image of the singer homeboys earrings? What creative “peaks” in this case it storms? It’s one thing when it’s all happening in the movie. And we see in the action movie face / off (Face off) John Travolta and Nicolas cage “changed” silicon faces. There it is justified. And here for what? To whatever was to entertain people, who will exclaim: “Well, looks like Masha Rasputina!” And in the end will remain in the minds and hearts of viewers? Nothing!

But one of the comments Gennady Khazanov I completely agree. “When Anita Tsoy, or rather, Viktor Tsoi was done singing, he said, — I thought, “What is the trouble with all nesrovnalosti that we are witnessing the rebirth of aesthetics, say, Viktor Tsoi in the aesthetics of Seryoga. And as if it was impossible to compare them, but they exist in the same space. And how fortunate that Viktor Tsoi was.” Fully subscribe to these words.

New review: one to One 24.06.2017

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