New review: Only God forgives 05.10.2017

The film is already 4 years, and I only found out what it is. This movie is actually very unusual in the style of Tarantino and some Lynch, but he spun, even the Neon demon didn’t force me to be creative and think.

In this film there is an emphasis on emotions and visuals – the film has a lot of beautiful scenes, thanks to the operator.

The plot of the movie seems to be simple, but twisted so much that after watching you will get weight by far, but you certainly will not. This film is a art-house Thriller with elements of surrealism. Cruelty in the film is decent, but scenes are made well and like the real thing, so those who can not tolerate blood – not even hold.

Acting is very good, you just need to understand how to play the Gosling, for though he is considered by many to be the face of one and the same, but he still conveys the emotion and makes to follow him. Mother Julian just played on his head the weird mom who makes her son as a slave to find the murderer of his brother. Chang just played the ex-COP who dispenses vigilante justice on the criminals.

In the view of many who understood this movie – he is God. Bangkok, the film depicts very realistic, thanks to Reno for that!

The music is so mysterious, that makes even more drawn into the atmosphere of the film and not let go until the end.

For those who have not seen this film I recommend to watch it, but keep in mind that this movie truck and very unclear, so your perception will depend more and the mood in which you are watching this movie that I’m not afraid to call Art!

Necessarily how else to review this film and have it in your collection.

8 out of 10

New review: Only God forgives 05.10.2017

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