New review: Open Windows 29.07.2016

I confess: I was waiting for this movie, and transfers the premiere, I was not pleased. I like Elijah wood and I think Sasha grey is quite an attractive woman. Saw one or two movies with her, where she is tolerably well looked (it was not short films with the X rating). Well, the idea of painting seemed interesting. And the thing that almost the entire film, we Wake up to witness the display of the laptop, where the Windows open (stream videos from different cameras) and we will be shown the whole story, and it is very entertaining. Elijah plays a fan of the famous actress, played by grey (very funny), behind which a mysterious maniac. And now wood with a laptop under one arm, will attempt to save his favorite.

Many criticized the film and I kind of agree with the criticism, but the picture is worth viewing. First, the movie is very dynamic. Second, full of plot twists that, at least for me personally, and was fairly predictable, filed on delicious. A former hobbit is playing solidly, and no claim to it. But Sasha swears really. It’s terrible! The good news: it is not so much in the film. By the way there is a funny moment: the grey plays an actress who doesn’t undress in movies and it is funny… unless of course you’re aware that Sasha is a porn star. Yes, in the movie there is a scene with her nudity maniac forces the heroine to strip naked, and look gray attempts to portray a woman who is shy will be naked, he’s dead funny.

I think that the film too seriously, and therefore did not check out. It’s not very realistic Thriller, there are some pretty fantastic technology, straight from the near future. But if you take it for granted, not the story taking place here and now, the film looks great. Besides, he’s pure entertainment and all that is needed in the film works. On the manner of shooting: camera rummaged on the desktop computer, the closer to the open Windows with a video, covering all of it. This is an interesting kinobit.

SUMMARY: Good Thriller. Dynamic, addictive, with wood as the main character and interesting plot twists, plus all original removed from the simulation capture video from your desktop. “The open window” is a good choice if you want to see an entertaining movie. Recommend.

7 out of 10

New review: Open Windows 29.07.2016

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