New review: Opium 13.06.2017

“We are such stuff as our dreams, and there’s our little life…” These words of Prospero can be referred to the cinema as the most fragile, mysterious, and dreamlike of all the arts.

Bond movie and sleep was well established and not in doubt. The viewer is placed in the artificial night of a movie, as if immersed in slumber, a special trance, and sees what was happening on the screen as a reflection of their own desires and fears. Past lives and fantasies of forbidden pleasures, nevydumannye tears and suppressed laughter… Nameless creatures that live in the margins of the soul, suddenly produced the ring of the silver screen to finally gain victory over the mind zavorožennogo the viewer.

With the invention of sound, color, and then the computer special effects, the power of kinology, paradoxically, decreased significantly. Perhaps affected by the distance of the film from dreams, which is rarely colored and never loud. While the movie remains a fascinating spectacle, but almost without the ligature, which was caused by the beginning.

The film “Opium” is one of the most “dreamy” films that I’ve seen. Perhaps this is because I first watched the film without sound, without music. Movie characters are constantly on the verge of reality, they are at the mercy of imagination, caused by Smoking the drug.

The plot of the film is terribly exciting: the action takes place in China, Europe, India. The main character, Professor Gezellius, dedicated his life to the fight against opium. However, an amazing series of events managed by the shadow of insidious Chinese Nung Chung, burning with hatred for the white man, the Professor throws in a sweet-nightmare embrace of the hated drug…

German Director and writer Robert Reinert (1872-1928) is almost unknown to the Russian audience. The most acclaimed of his films — “Nerves” — was at one time at the hearing, due to the strong influence of them on the first of the audience: several people were sent to hospital immediately after the session with a strong mental shock. Despite such advertising, Reinert was soon almost forgotten, although he continued to make films until the end of life.

“Opium” — dark, fantastic film, like someone’s nightmare. The participation of real elephants and lions. Here women are capable of eternal love and men to commit suicide. In the opium dreams of dancing naked nymphs, and painted devils. And even the afterlife exposes their darkest secrets…

As we know from Homer’s “the Odyssey,” dreams are for sleeping through different gates. One of the gates made of ivory is the gate of false dreams, other gates — horn, through which dreams are prophetic. It seems that in the twentieth century was built a third gate, the material for them was light and shadow. This gate cinematic: they are dreams, at the same time false prophecy, which is so hard to Wake up.

New review: Opium 13.06.2017

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