New review: Orbit 9 15.06.2017

For Spanish Director Hatem Greece the “Orbit 9” is the debut full-length work.

What topics affect the film? Are the lives of ten people lives of billions? Yes, you thought correctly, it is very “fresh” and “new”. What we have not seen yet on this subject? Another theme is love as a force that stands against common sense, the work of the people, a brighter future. It would seem, nothing wrong with that. If it was implemented more or less interesting. But the creators have taken the path of least resistance: can’t write a script — make unfounded love at first sight. Well, I begin to forget that not watching Arthouse and entertaining films.

On the one hand, the scenery in “Orbit 9” good. He “spaceship”, even somewhere to lick, looks very dignified. In addition, impressive building Corporation recalls four-dimensional hypercube. But why it is so weak camera work. Maybe I’m picky, but this number word goals can only surpass movies Nevsky. In addition, the operator first discovered blur? How else to explain the use of it anywhere.

The pacing is very slow. To the extent that sometimes certain scenes can be explained only as an attempt to stretch the timing. What the hell in “Orbit” so many scenes where the characters (not just major) just stare at each other? Why pay so much time as a hero just goes in the research database on the machine?

Actors. Alex Gonzalez does not remember anything remarkable. Clara Lago, of course, slightly falls short, but why it is trying to play. She is struggling to decorate the scene of peepers, showing the blank look of a man who lived for many years in a confined space. Do not forget that this is hard considering the abundance of empty scenes in the film.

In fact, when the movie “Sphere”, for example, had potential, turned by the hands of creators to fail, here we see fail in a vacuum. And in fact, I want to watch quality cinema, even entertainment.

4.5 out of 10

New review: Orbit 9 15.06.2017

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