New review: Orbit 9 20.06.2017

Synopsis. Space station “Orbit 9” heads for Celeste, where she will deliver her only astronaut twenty — year-old Elena through only nineteen years old. To fix one of the systems of life support, the ship arrives Alex is the first person Elena will see in your life. She doesn’t know that everything that happens is part of a large scientific experiment, and they must work together to fight for their existence against the powerful Corporation. Armed with the slogan “I’ll save her”, Alex begins to act. His role in the life of Elena — attack system developed vital targets, the destruction of all learned rules.

Sense. A pair of military scientists, whose children are locked up biostimulator, put half my life on a science project. And then this picture I want to compare with the movie “the car”: there is a relation to the heartless people in experimental mouse was not so soft-hearted. Globalization and cloning, the sacrifice and the struggle for love in a strange combination of give us really a talented motion picture. Spanish film Director Hatem took Graice fiction romance about outer space. “Orbit 9”, viscous atmosphere of the confined space.

The power of love. There is a suspicion that the filmmakers focused on a few of the films, devoted to the study of individual behavior, the remaining one-on-one with interstellar space. Sophisticated plot and a corrosive immersion in psychology. The vision of the future drawn sketchy — and it is not the lack of expensive sets and special effects. Director terrifying prospect that the Earth will become uninhabitable. The main character recalls how a child could safely swim and water are certain death. Metropolitan areas put pressure on the psyche, and the political and scientific elite is his war. “Orbit 9” except the fate of mankind sees the power of love. It may intervene in a common cause, carrying on the way all that had been created over the years.

Copyright movies. If we reach other stars? Whether the so-called “modern” spaceships to get there? With this baggage we go to the cinema for a film about space travels. In the case of “Orbit 9” with him and leave. This tape is a mixture of science fiction, Thriller and love story about a girl Elena who, without knowing it, is the core of a large-scale experiment, it is vitally important for all mankind. “Orbit 9” built-in gallery of themes with the suspense, which the Director himself prefers. And this brand of auteur cinema.

9 out of 10

New review: Orbit 9 20.06.2017

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