New review: Orbit 9 28.06.2017

Elena, all alone, arrives at the space station’s Orbit is 9. That in turn heads for Celeste, and they will fly back only 20 years. One day on the ship starts to act up the ventilation system and repair comes the handsome Alex. With the advent of Elena’s life is flipped upside the head, because to him, she didn’t know that is part of the world experiment…

Hmm, a tempting subject, but seeing, you know, that movie something is wrong. What? And the fact that the audience is not stupid and does not tolerate schlock! This is the first, and second, the “Orbit 9” example of visual deception. The poster and name space issues, the abstract hints at love in space, but in reality we see something different. No, love theme is present, by the way, was the key strips, but when it comes to “pink snot”, the viewer wants to see the kind of “Three meters above the sky”, “Twilight” or “50 shades” at worst, but this picture is not even half of the passion that we show above the ribbon. Since the highlight of the program was so weak that talking about other storylines. And the Director managed to vpihat on the “do not want”. And the topic is not simple. There is a problem of the distant future, the isolation of the individual from the world, long-term loneliness, experiments on humans, betrayal of loved ones, in short, take any and shoot a separate film. And as practice shows, movies with such scenes are not bad, but when they are mixed together, it turns “Orbit 9”.

It happens more often that all the cons on the plus side, large or small, but there. In this case, my friends! In “Orbit” somehow all at C grade with a minus. Everything except the script. The script for a solid two! It about anything! Dialogues like actors sleeping pills ate and they were forced to move the replica to come up with themselves!

Down below on the scale of assessments we got to the villain. In “Orbit 9” he is a brilliant scientist. However, he acts like a naughty girl, I do not know what he wants. How am I supposed to be afraid of you, Mr. Evil?

Like science fiction “Orbit 9” gets a 3 out of 10, as drama 4 out of 10 and overall

3.5 / 10

New review: Orbit 9 28.06.2017

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