New review: OSS 117: Mission in Rio 11.10.2017

About this movie even write almost nothing. For my taste, it’s about the same as Austin powers. That is a nightmare, and pornography. No, the level of humor a little higher. Even across funny jokes, and does not pull to look away from the screen and something to eat this mess, but fun less than disgust.

Funny parody of bond. With a bunch of sexist and Jewish jokes. There are some highly cultured reference, but to seek out the pearl among mountains of waste — even not smiling.

Jean Dujardin surprising. Okay, with the movie “Right to left”, also a Comedy, not very intelligent. But he plays the main role in the film “the Artist”, and this, to my taste, completely different level. In fact, the plays he’s not bad, extremely disgusting to type out.

3 out of 10

New review: OSS 117: Mission in Rio 11.10.2017

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