New review: overboard 24.06.2017

– By the way, forks are meant to feel superior to the monkeys.
– Fingers too.
– What did you say?
Nothing. Stomach.
– Dim your body, stopping to think. ©

“The film that has the soul” — and this movie really is. This stunning, lightweight and incredibly moving romantic Comedy is like a small miracle, warms the soul, gives joy and laughter, charges the positive mood for a long time. It’s hard to say how many times I’ve seen this wonderful film, but no matter how much I watched — enjoying every minute of every episode of this truly wonderful film.

The plot is simple as ABC, but this does not spoil the film. The arrogant and haughty rich girl Joanne Staton — owner of the luxury yacht, together with her husband stopped in a small town. And in order not to lose time in vain, she hires a carpenter Dina Proffitto convert your clothing closet. However, the work was performed it was not satisfied, and instead of promised money, bitchy lady throws a carpenter overboard. That night, in search of his ring, Joanna finds herself behind, and as a result falls in the local hospital with amnesia. When I heard the news on TV, Dean decides to take advantage of a convenient situation, and revenge on that bitch. He comes to the hospital and pretends to be her husband. And here begins the most interesting.

It’s not my children.
– A mother’s heart did not tremble?
Three children I think I’d remember.
– Four. More baby joy. ©

I will not reveal anything new if I say that it is impossible to imagine this delightful romantic Comedy without the brilliant Duo Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell. They not only played, but was a sweet and wonderful couple, watching with great pleasure. I’m just crazy about them!

I can not mention a terrific sense of humor. Jokes devoid of any vulgarity, and at the same time are really funny and bright.

– I breathed in a gnat!
– Don’t open your mouth! The midges here are a dime a dozen. ©

PS “overboard” is a wonderful, timeless movie, magic movie, which held an honorable place in the list of my favorite movies. If you love a good romantic Comedy this movie is for you.

10 out of 10

New review: overboard 24.06.2017

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