New review: Overdrive 28.07.2017

As a fan of “fast and Furious”, could not ignore this film.

The trailer promised a picture in the same style, with tons of firefights, beautiful characters, and expensive cars. And like all over the place…

From the pros:

1. Actors. I can’t say that here there is brilliant acting, but nadogra I didn’t notice. It’s pretty nice appearance special irritation and desire to kill not cause.

2. Machine. Expensive collector car is always pleasing to the eye, and in this picture they are really a lot. The machine is beautiful.

And now the cons.

1. Shooting. The main disadvantage of the film, for me personally perecherknuty almost all positive aspects. I’m not talking about too big plans that don’t quite fit for family viewing…

Most importantly — the operator’s decisions in the moments of filming car chases on the machines. For the first time in my life I was seasick in a movie (didn’t think such a thing is possible). When shooting dynamic scenes, and even with machines there are (I think) a simple rule: Either you take all the action only on “manual”, the twitching of the camera, but rarely changing angles of shooting, or the camera is static, but with lots of angles.

When watching a rather long chase, and removed “manual”, and static camera angles which change every few seconds, the brain just refuses to accept it.

There’s not something that you can’t consider luxury cars. in the end, this Hodge-podge of frames cease to understand where the “enemies”, and where “our”.

2. Very noticeable, wrong dubbing. When the girl in the shot is screaming “NO!”, to hear is quite appropriate “No!” shrieking, oddly enough.

Summary: I can’t say that is bad, but clearly inferior NOT fast and furious.

New review: Overdrive 28.07.2017

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