New review: Ozark 30.07.2017

The Ozark series can be recommended as a textbook for students studying ethics.

“Money is a tool that measures your decisions” — is the definition of means of payment gives at the beginning of the series financial Advisor Marty bird, the protagonist of the drama. If you apply this formula to his life, conclusions about the role of big money in life will be very sad.

In ethics we can distinguish two directions of definition of good and evil is deontology and consequentialism. The first says that good or evil are determined once and for all a system of morality and do not change their values depending on the situation and circumstances of the Commission of the act. The second follows the pragmatism and suggests that the outcome of the case determines the evil or good in front of us (for example, a white lie is good). The creators of the series perfectly written art techniques both directions.

Dormant for decades American town of Ozark, located at the lake suddenly falls family Berdov and life in the area begins to boil. Many years ago, the lake appeared through the activities of energy companies, has decided to set a dam on a tributary of the Missouri river. For tourists the lake is of interest only in the summer months, it can be plenty to go on expensive boats and look for amorous adventures in the bars on the beach. One of these bars gets Marty Byrd. Why? It’s pretty simple: he’s laundering money of the Mexican drug cartel. Here comes in the consequentialism. For ten years before Marty hesitated whether to communicate with the dirty money earned by selling drugs. After all, from the point of view of deontological ethics, drugs, their sale and use is evil. But Marty comes to a different conclusion — by agreeing to a deal with the cartel, he will bring his family to reach a financial level. And the family is the main thing, is it possible to neglect her needs? At current position mediocre financial Advisor a good life is not attainable. And Marty embarks on a dangerous enterprise, which 10 years later leads to his escape to the Ozarks.

The authors of the series shows us different characters involved in the activities of the protagonist and his family. Among them, a mysterious family of Sallow, white American Protestants, heirs of the first settlers, reveres tradition and because of the draft energy companies are forced to leave their belongings and a place to move to the new land. Sally also put at the forefront of family values and the well-being of their blood and business, they consequentiality. If along the way you need to shoot Mexicans, that is a good thing, because “Mexico is famous for the fact that it’s full of Mexicans” and replace him quickly there. In debt to them and the local Sheriff, who shall administer justice, from their point of view on good and evil.

Quite contradictory image of a Christian Evangelist, every weekend, reading from a boat a sermon on the biblical themes in the waters of the lake. Faced with the problem of ethics, he chooses a typically Protestant Christian decision — of course, deontological in fact, believing that evil is always evil, and God will protect the one who chose the good. Unfortunately, for his bigoted decision will have to pay life beloved wife, I beg the pastor not to take it. If the pastor loses faith? No way. “I believe in God, because there is a devil. You, Marty bird, is the devil,” he says at the end of the series protagonist.

In the series you can enjoy and silly Americans fend for periodic jobs, drinking beer and playing Xbox. This family of Longmeadow. For example, you can see how to react to poor Americans who suddenly appeared in front of opportunity to get a few million dollars in cash.

Compare “the Ozarks” with “breaking bad” is unlikely to, despite the similarity of the main theme. At a series of different rhythm, the number of main characters and the style of presentation. However, it is not without reason can be called the best crime TV drama the summer of 2017. Thank You, Netflix.

8 out of 10

New review: Ozark 30.07.2017

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