New review: pan’s Labyrinth 12.10.2017

As children we believe in everything. In miracles and magical creatures believe in father Frost and Baba Yaga, a magic wand and the carpet plane. In childhood, we can easily come up with your own world, spice up any fantasy.

But years pass, we change, the world around us changing, we grow.

“When you grow up, you will see that life is not like your stories. The world is infinitely cruel and you know it”. Describes the life of the mother, young girl, Ofelia, the main character in the film, Guillermo del Toro.

But Ophelia and without those words he sees and feels the pain and cruelty of the world, the hardships of the ongoing war. Instinctively she may still not afraid, but afraid for the first time after his father’s death, married her pregnant mother.

Ophelia finds no place in the aggressive and brutal reality, she runs away to a place where he feels more security in their darkest dreams in their tales. To it’s flying fairy, scary, mysterious creature says that she is a Princess, promises adventure and a loving father in Dreamland.

Del Toro is so stylish and intelligently builds a picture that at times do not understand that it is primary. Where’s really real and what only children’s fiction. Who is a fabulous creature and who is the real monster.

The villain in uniform, Ofelia’s stepfather is a truly awesome character. The killer kills ordinary people, without a shade of regret and compassion. But the rebels he and the people did not believe, calling them whatever you like and sincerely believing villains. This depersonalization gives him the moral right to inhuman treatment with them, although, in fact, only he, the captain is inhuman.

Pan’s labyrinth a tale of terror, original artwork unusual and distinctive Mexican Director Guillermo del Toro. This picture, a peak, the quintessence of his almost twenty years of work in the film industry. It embodied his many years of experience working with makeup and special effects, the talent in directing and writing original scripts.

New review: pan’s Labyrinth 12.10.2017

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