New review: pan’s Labyrinth 22.06.2017

At the stage of preparing yourself to watch the film “pan’s Labyrinth” in my head comes alive with a kaleidoscope of expectations, comparisons with already heard earlier, the chain of correspondence comparisons with other fantasy stories. And here on the screen comes to life first scene, then a dozen, and you catch yourself thinking that there is something original and noteworthy. At this point, from memory retrieves the most laudatory adjectives that characterize the relationship of the film with the Director and script writer of Guillermo Del Toro. Subconsciously, taught by the experience of watching a movie, expect the magic of a first good impression was soon smashed to pieces, but this does not happen until the final credits.

Perhaps the common occupational characteristics, which gave the film “pan’s Labyrinth” really captures the essence of what is happening on the screen — dark fantasy. This is not a film for children, not only because of the adult themes of the consequences of the civil war in Spain, not only because of the violence in the frame. The visual and narrative parts really dark and reminiscent of the original, not adapted for children and works of the brothers Grimm. The story of a chosen child who has a series of tests is not new. And yet the story touches unusual presentation, ability to experiment, while remaining fairly simple in nature.

The first thing that you notice, even before the progressive acquaintance with the characters and main events — the atmosphere. In the case of “pan’s Labyrinth” it is formed by working with detail, detail, in other words. Beautiful camera solutions, emphasizing the characters and their surroundings. Modest, but original decorations, faces are not natural and fairy tales. Unobtrusive background music. The choice of field locations, which, though very limited — there is a good job with the flow and lighting in particular. Del Toro almost managed to snatch us almost two hours from the reality of an observer and to give qualities, if not participant in, the thoughtful viewer.

The close intertwining of historical background of the Civil war in Spain and the fantasy component, the world allows the movie to balance between reality and fiction and often the gap is quite minimal. Heroes, and their basic here can be counted on the fingers of one hand, everything in its place. Whether it’s oppressive new stepfather, a local doctor or herself the main character Ophelia. The depth of these characters leaves much to be desired, and yet at least two of them remain in the memory and after a while after viewing.

8.5 out of 10

New review: pan’s Labyrinth 22.06.2017

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