New review: pan’s Labyrinth 29.09.2017

The film begins with a girl reading the tale, which States that a certain Princess was killed, but her soul will return to a loving and forever waiting for the father. From the beginning, we show that Ophelia prefers the world of books. He and his mother go to the man named Vidal, who is the stepfather of Ofelia, her mother’s husband and a captain in Franco’s army. Next, by a series of situations, thanks to which Ophelia will realize that she’s the Princess of books.

Frankly, Ophelia is a child suffering from autistic schizophrenia. Her autism has shown that absence of the sense of self-preservation, lack of interest and remoteness from the real world. About schizophrenia… I don’t know, ask the Faun.

Just about him and his friends. Fairies, Faun, Lamia — they look awesome! Very self-sufficient design and added a little novelty to the old images. The only exception is toad. Toad is the toad. The epitome of triviality.

With all of them, Ophelia meets due care against the mother, the cruelty of her stepfather and the world in General. Her friend Fawn is trying to teach her through good jobs, and then we show people killing each other. Actually, about this film. About the fact that cruelty is commonplace. About the fact that a Person can only be in a fairy tale.

By the way, the setting of the film — the civil war in Spain. When the Communist party tried to overthrow the regime of General Franco. The documentary is better not to wait — is the original place of action and one of the reasons the “fabulousness” of this film, nothing more.

Summary: a drama pretending to be a Good fantasy for children. Interesting story, the message embedded in this film, a good soundtrack, and everything else. All of this was the fact that I made a rating, which is below.

8 out of 10

PS I also this story reminded me of the movie “Bridge to Terabithia”, which I cried. It also influenced such a high rating.

New review: pan’s Labyrinth 29.09.2017

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