New review: Paris can wait 13.06.2017

Spouses Michael and Anna rest in Cannes. He is a film producer, a typical businessman, not producing a mobile phone from her hands, she is a typical bored wife of a businessman, the only joy of which is photographing the outside world, for the most part the food in the bowls. Staying in Cannes is coming to an end, the couple are going to Paris, but his wife due to small health problems can not fly on a plane. French business partner Michael Jacques offers to take Anna to Paris by car…

“Paris can wait” was shot by the Americans, so the film is full of clichés about the French. Jaques all the world associated with the food, crammed in a hotel loving couples, the French, and the French entirely voluptuous gluttons, their best memories are with grub.

The main shortcoming of “Paris” — Jacques. Hard to imagine how a woman can want a man. It has neither beauty, nor wit nor masculine charm, he does not exude fluids seducer. He is fresh. Comfortable with him as with a good guide and nothing more. I don’t believe in interest of Anna Jacques, I don’t see her awakening senses. That’s why the final scene utterly false.

The film is devoid of drama and Comedy, he, like Jacques, no.

New review: Paris can wait 13.06.2017

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