New review: Partner 11.10.2017

To “Mate” one Alexander Andryushchenko worked as a producer and editor on many films, one way or another the former the audience is hearing. Apparently, by 2017, Alexander had to change my activity, so he released his full-length debut, which shines Sergey Garmash, trying to be serious adult criminal, bandyuganov-baby.

When viewing the trailer is very easy to assume the notoriously low quality of this Comedy. Why should our cinema suddenly needed a fully animated one year old boy with the habits of the prisoner, which will interact in a very live actors? Looks like an ambitious experiment, but the result is far from natural. No matter how hard the artists worked on the picture of this child, to make it fair, to give emotions the pixel monster and give it the proper movement of both the body and face — with the physiology they weren’t too professional. However, surely the work itself cost a lot of energy, because the boy in the film very much, so I’d move on to our next pros and cons of a “Mate”.

And the pros, obviously, are.

At first, actors don’t want to beat up over a bad game. No, terribly well, they also do not play, but at least don’t make your “bread” in circus circus. A separate preference can be given to Sergey Garmash: it’s here and just criminal, and the criminal inside the body of a child and the soul of the child in the body of a felon — a set you will not see even in the part of the world’s best shampoo. Importantly, Garmash everywhere have coped well without him in the team — Hello, Mr. Complete Failure.

Secondly, the film looks very jauntily. You know what, sometimes there is utter nonsense, but I can’t keep my hands off him. Apparently, very bad — always delicious.

Thirdly, the filming itself also did not disappoint (unlike the script). Visually, despite the artificiality of “mini-Garmash” and two capybaras at the zoo, it looks simply and palisano like a great movie, but without an explicit claim to something high. Individually reveals a very interesting “gadgets”: it is a scene that will amuse, some heroes of the second and third plan will be remembered (as, for example, successfully came out with street boys).

It would seem that there is so much advantages, live and be happy! But let’s get to the cons.

First, about the terrible animated year-old son mentioned above.

Secondly, the topic of unintended consequences of the exchange bodies with anyone in the field of Russian comedies izezzhena so it’s time to stop the operation of the small pipeline at least ten years.

Thirdly, the script is too chaotic and insane. Some scenes were clearly inserted just for laughs, but by themselves they are more than superfluous. The authors jump from one to another like antelopes in the fields, indiscriminately changing direction, while it would be limited to only two accents — lightweight criminal adventure and relationship of the main characters (seemingly father and son, but no one knows what they’re partners, helping out everywhere or to be substituted by each other). No, dragged here and love the place and the family idyll, and the curse of the fortune-tellers, and God knows what else, down to the dubious adventures at the zoo. Towards the end of the film pretty tired, realizing that the creators clearly overdone in order to keep the audience at the screen.

Finally, fourthly (and finally), it’s Comedy, right? This is not only an adventurous family Thriller? So why so NOT FUNNY? Mind you know where?? in what places would be worth a laugh, that it was referring to a writer under varying Hochma, but… looking at going with as smooth a face. I forgot the time, like a circus clown retired, did whatever they for the last time: “Look, here’s what I got a surprise in the hat! Hey-Hey! And now I will run along the edge of the arena and do a flip! Pam badabam! But I still got you! Come on, smile!”. And then you realize that the problem of domestic comedies — the inability to find calm in the moment. The reluctance to get rid of excess in favor of the core. And, of course, sometimes in mediocre humor.

In the end, “Partner”, if not particularly find fault, looks like a movie of middle-class — only for cases when the audience is tired after a long day of work, the strain does not want to look normal Comedy there is no time. And the film is almost up to that level, but… after watching, again, comes the realization that, maybe it was better to choose to review something else?

That’s the problem. If during the session there is often a feeling of lack of high interest or emotional response — it is still possible to swallow and survive. Another thing, if the finish finally puts everything in its place — there can’t really cheat.

Of course, “Partner” — not the worst representative of the genre. But still, like it or not, it is more outright, and the raiders, hardly worthy of attention than a movie suitable for good one-off viewing.

4 out of 10

New review: Partner 11.10.2017

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