New review: Passengers 10.06.2017

Hello again. On the background of many failures in the genre of SF cinema, this painting has become for me a breath of fresh air in the stuffy darkness and mustiness on the big screen. After seeing the trailer, I went to the cinema to see Thriller in the framework of a cosmic catastrophe, and… And here, I was very pleasantly surprised how beautiful and dramatic the story moved on the screen! Honestly, I do not believe that the actors involved in the film can so perfectly convey the feelings of his characters, to show how terrible is the loneliness, pushing the man to extraordinary acts. And how subtly and intelligently the film-makers managed to talk about the tragedy of human souls, about how love can change to hate and Vice versa!..

Yes, as in many other films, are present here too, the bloopers, alas. But, personally, I really do not want to dismantle it. Of course, these problems on the spacecraft waking the crew (or part thereof) was to be held without any doubt. All systems are duplicated more than once, so the problem is one computer may not be fatal. And so on. Many of the errors listed above. There are blatant Parallels with “Gravity”. What a wonderful film for borrowing!.. But for me the main thing was that for such splendor and outer landscapes, the wonderful music, living characters, forcing me to empathize with them to the end, all issues have gone far into the background, and I felt while watching almost awakened by another passenger, so much I was forced to take in the breathtaking atmosphere of the lives of the characters on “avalon”. You can not leave without attention and those moments that have added me as a spectator of healthy suspense. And the most surprising: after all, almost everything is built on three characters. Only three people were able to fill my “I” as much as 2 hours of screen time! And not just to fill in, and to breathe in the film is life, with all the manifestations of human emotions: fear, loneliness, frustration, desire, love, finally…

This is a wonderful fantasy drama with elements of a real Thriller. And let someone say that it is middling based on stamps, a beautiful picture retouched. In the end, how many people, so many opinions. I think that this picture is, of course, not perfect, but will give the viewer a lot of different emotions, and most importantly, has a chance to get to think over their own lives. Who are we? Why do we live? We are prepared to do that would be close to, or simply got on our way of life a stranger, was not in absolute solitude, among the “sleeping” neighbors on the ship called Earth?.. Anyway, we are all “passengers”. And may God grant us strength, patience and of course good luck to “Wake up” that one person, or be awakened by those who find true happiness for the rest of your life!..

9 out of 10

New review: Passengers 10.06.2017

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