New review: peaky blinders 27.07.2017

A series about a Gypsy family Shelby tells us post-war history of the criminal group “peaky blinders”. This episode has quite a lot of Luggage pros that I will list below. First acting job of Killian Murphy and other actors, a game that does not SAG compared to the star of the show (a way of speaking, Tom hardy deserves special mention, let me know). Beautiful visual, rich tones, shades of black is not super dark like in the modern “Sherlock” (it was obvious Peresvet in the first season somewhere and it immediately caught the eye, well, let’s leave it to the judgment of the authors). Interesting story, which can be diverse season with different stories and situations. The soundtrack, too, has his strength in the series, some songs are remembered and sink into the soul.

What I don’t like is the work of the writers. The first season was like up to the middle and then apparently the course was changed to a female audience, and in the series added love triangle, which to him was entirely unnecessary. Was also the strange actions of the characters, unusual (and very stupid). The show wanted to please everyone and it was an extreme omission.

The second season was a pleasant surprise, apparently the writers changed. The protagonist, like he had done the work on the bugs. The season finale was very strong, comparable to the ending of the film “Seven”, but the high ratings are apparently forced to extend the series for a third season, which was a mistake (as it was a mistake to continue “house of cards” after the third season). But the cow is milked until she gives milk.

The third season was the height of foolishness, but was wondering what end of the matter. The protagonist in this season at all, but about Churchill somehow forgot. The writers tried to confuse everyone who has followed developments in the series. In the end, entangled themselves and the third season was on the release of weaker than all previous ones.

In the course of the series he acquires new characters, who somehow thought was immortal (and all together not enough screen time). In the world of crime and murder in which our heroes live death is common, but not for the main characters. This defect is reminiscent of the TV series “Gotham”, but I’m sorry, “Gotham” is still superheroic, and then real life. The entire series in the amount left behind mixed feelings. Yes, good, but nothing more, bad embedded a love line and scenario defects can easily leave the pros behind. To watch I do not recommend unless you have a lot of time as I have.

6 out of 10

New review: peaky blinders 27.07.2017

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