New review: pearl Harbor 13.09.2017

The theme of naval battles during the Second World war, I became interested in recently. Started with a new “Kreiser a, which in principle went well, and now decided to evaluate the work of Michael Bay 2001-th year.

What I liked about this movie?

Cinematography, acting, historical accuracy, music, and generally the whole atmosphere.

Magnificent Hans Zimmer as a composer, Affleck and Beckinsale in the title roles, and my favorite Tom sizemore. Very impressed with the performance of the operator.

About historicity — Yes, there were inaccuracies, but some hard and mistakes were not. With the date said, President is not confused, commanders are not changed. The main story of the attack on pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 was transferred to the well, in addition, there is a story about the bombing of Tokyo in 1942.

What in this film much?

Explosions, fires. Yes, it is clear that the film about the war all this must be, but I think Michael Bay a little bit with that too (I once heard that Michael likes explosions, but did not attach any importance to this). Everything burns, explodes, dies a lot of people.


Good movie. Write in the TOP 100 best hardly it is possible, but viewing you have nothing to lose, but enjoy the air battles and a love drama.

If you don’t know anything about the attack on 7 December, the film will help to fill these gaps. It will come down to General information and knowledge.

It is worth noting that it lasts 3 hours, so it will help pass the evening. However, for all of 3 hours I have no desire to look at the time thinking “how much more…”, on the contrary, I wanted the film still walked and walked.

10 out of 10

Although essentially between 8 and 9, but I was greatly impressed after viewing.

New review: pearl Harbor 13.09.2017

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