New review: Perfect figure 28.07.2017

I have a particular fondness for American films of the 90s. I like the slightly fuzzy, but bright picture, pop music of those years, a little awkward, but very comfortable clothing, a variety of hairstyles. It’s all there in the tape, so watching it for me was a pleasure, especially because the first half of the film in a positive way.

The main character are all excellent in school, straight a’s, handsome guy from the school sports teams was crazy about her soul, best friend is happy with her progress, and in gymnastics she is so good that she was invited to train for selection for the Olympics. However, she needs to change some things in usual life: to move to another town, change school, to train 40 hours a week instead of 30.

At the first training session of the new coach puts in front of her scales and publicly says that as much as 4 extra pounds that prevent her from fluttering on the bars. This is where it all starts.

The scenario of anorexia nervosa described here, as in the textbook. A large social responsibility, high demands on themselves, stressful situations and the feeling that you can’t control your life. Lacking only the tough and demanding mother. Here mother just still very worried, but, nevertheless, the problem of power a long time tried not to notice.

I must say that this I thought it was the best film about anorexia I’ve seen, including the new “To the bone” and “Feeding”. For all time of viewing I never got bored, didn’t want to rewind, and I have not had any issues to the logic of the characters or the acting. All very organic, great the soundtrack is. Cons can’t even think of.

Therefore 8 out of 10

New review: Perfect figure 28.07.2017

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