New review: Perfect strangers 17.06.2017

Immediately start with the fact that this film is the greatest example of how within a pair of sets and with little cost, you can shoot stunning film. And do not need a super-star of universal scale, no plot running, shooting, or thousands of puzzles. Directors and writers, learn!

The plot and theme of the film is built on the fact that the modern skeletons do not live cabinets and cell phones that just became our “second self”, and sometimes it seems that nothing special about them. But that same lightness of being that’s hiding inside one day find yourself on the surface, and become unbearably painful.

So much life to those planted inside, it seems simple plot. This relationship of parents and children, the theme of distrust of loved ones, betrayal, jealousy, the desire to have a baby when you’re well over 30 and so the theme of homosexual love. Rich!

Look, and unwittingly, I think you also gather with friends after a couple of years, what kind of skeletons who seem to. And all of a sudden?!

This game is great, the actors are amazingly believable in the role. You have to wonder how such different people together? But at the same time, so believe they know each other from the cradle. Believe in their history, in their spiritual experiences. I love Italian movies for the unusual combination of drama and irony!

Maybe among people you also have the hypocrites, the traitors? Perhaps it is not necessary to dwell on this and continue to live as before* Because in the age you want no matter what, to have a number of ally and support. And spit on all the resentment, betrayal and so on… Maybe it is the stereotypes of society? We all live, criticizing someone and sometimes forgetting about themselves.

For morality, for the idea, for humor, for a great desire to watch to the end, a huge plus! Simply say that you haven’t found any minuses. The picture should appeal to anyone who sometimes wants to take a look at ourselves, and to draw conclusions…

10 out of 10

New review: Perfect strangers 17.06.2017

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