New review: Perfect strangers 28.07.2016

There is a category of films where at a certain point “everything goes wrong”, any attempt of the hero to rectify the situation, only worsen it exponentially: bad > awful > hopelessness > darkness. I do not like such movies and it’s probably not because they feel pressure and artificial the game authors on my feelings, finally, not because of the lack of a “proper” compassion they have to their heroes. No, of course, this technique is very interesting and gives a very interesting and unpredictable plot twists. But the ending they are almost always predefined — loading your PLOT more and more, the authors see as it shakes, a little flood and, in the end, as he sinks to the bottom. Lurking in the murky waters of human passions. By choosing this path for his story, almost not real to come up with the same interesting, “worthy” ending.

Having started to play “simple” games in the sincerity, the characters the whole crowd stand in the way of black loose brick. With each step they get stuck in quicksand of their own lies. Every movement leads to the inevitable end. Only in such moments, you realize what a great happiness — to live simply, to tell the truth.

The authors managed, though not completely leave their heroes afloat: in each of them to the final, something died, and now their souls swam up from the depths of Darkness. The characters can drift through life albeit with fake smiles on their faces.

8 out of 10

New review: Perfect strangers 28.07.2016

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