New review: perfume: the Story of a murderer 26.07.2017

If I ask a question: tell Griney was good or bad? All the answers are bad. And I’ll put a deuce. In this masterpiece the smell is a manifestation of feelings, feelings bad smell, good smell sweet. Griney was neither bad nor good — it is not exuded the smell. He was a neutral. He was killed, but if he had to keep his smell voluntarily, he would certainly have agreed. He wasn’t a maniac, maniac, enjoys the suffering of the victims, he cums when he sees in the eyes of the victim’s fear and humility. Genui not like that. Scent of a woman — the fragrance of love. What he was denied. And he wants it, he wants to know, to possess, to possess love. By difficult the search path save the smell, he finds a solution. It retains the scent of clean woman — smell of love. It uses this scent to instill in people the love. And when they succumb to the smell he begins to hate them. For the fact that they are weak and pliable smells — the senses. He feels power over them. He can manage it. But he mentioned that he’s not going to use it, its purpose above. Find yourself, find love. In the place of his birth, where most people at the moment of birth, have experienced the light feeling — love. Pours all the contents of his perfume on himself and his love to madness, so be torn to shreds.

Sad story. A true masterpiece. After all, who does not receive love, all that does is — is doing just that to get it. But not everyone gets, and not everyone who aspires to receive. Love each other. Exudes love. Exudes the aroma, flavor of love.

10 out of 10

New review: perfume: the Story of a murderer 26.07.2017

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