New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 02.10.2017


The universe of “Pirates of the Caribbean” unique and unrepeatable. The story begun by Oscar-winning Director Gore Verbinski continues to evolve and it is appended to all new and new chapters. White spots on the map less, but a rogue pirate soul will find adventure even in a small mud puddle.

The list of claims, diluted the positive:

1. The repetition of story plots and expositions. The very first footage is already starting to be familiar because something similar we have already seen, but with the other actors. Turner in his time already tried to save his father from the flying Dutchman. Only now is another Turner, but the ship is the same.

The next iteration is the villains. Oh God, how much can you have to do the same antagonists. This is the third time we see the immortal team of thugs, headed by the immortal captain. Only the 4th part of the franchise was the original in this regard.

The scene of the hangings can also be found we’re not the first or even second time. But it should be noted that it was something to laugh at. Anyway the film is a lot of funny jokes and funny situations. In terms of humor, the new part didn’t slow the momentum compared to the previous films.

2. For some reason, the Studio/writers/Directors decided that fans of the “Pirates” will enjoy if the company Jack again to give a young pirate and a beautiful and intelligent girl. The claim is made, but Kaya Scodelario, who plays Carina with a rare surname of Smith, it was too attractive to be dissatisfied. Well, Son of will, not much different from his father, so something special about him, nothing to say.

3. The thrust of the film to entertainment comes at the expense of logic. Looked ridiculous Bank robbery. It was impossible. But not for common sense we love the adventures of Jack “Sparrow”. By the way about it. Half of the reviews already written, and only once casually mentioned “main character”. In quotes is because now he is not “prima”, and the most that neither is an ordinary character. There were even several moments where the action was focused on Henry and Karina, and Jack was just standing outside the focus and do absolutely nothing for a long time. But boldly call it an omission, you should not. With each new part of a growing number of people dissatisfied with the obsession of “the Sparrow”. And apparently the authors decided to cater to this minority audience, which has adversely affected the opinions of the majority who were not prepared for the fact that their beloved Captain will not be at the helm. But johnny Depp is still able to attract attention.

4. Categorically refuse to understand the introduction of the new “Calypso” by the name of Chance. Why do you need it to do. It’s just not covered by copying other people’s ideas and developments. Perhaps Disney have any plans for the new copied/pasted the characters in future movies they will be revealed completely in other areas. In the meantime, we see again wil, Elizabeth and Calypso.

5. The film again captain Barbosa, for some reason, dressed his team in the style of a clown Kuklachev. Geoffrey rush is a great actor, a role created for him, but how many can. But Stephen Graham again, it was nice to see in the role of a pirate in the Scrum for the second time. Perfectly accustomed to the role. Though for this he don’t need to pretend, he’s playing like himself. The career of Stephen worth starting to watch more film “snatch” by guy Ritchie. A good actor in any film anywhere of place.

But who is really perfect pirate Mr Gibbs performed by Kevin McNally. Permanent XO “Sparrow” sets the style of the pirate community. If you want to know about him the story of how he became a pirate and how fate brought him to Jack. As for the stories, the new film we saw the most interesting piece of the life of Jack and how he got the nickname “Sparrow”. It was really incredible and it is truly the author’s discovery.

Javier Bardem who played captain Salazar — remember, I liked it. But comparing with Davy Jones, he is clearly inferior to that on many points, as well as Blackbeard. Loved the voice of Salazar in the Russian dubbing of the actor Arthur Waha.

The other characters discuss does not make sense.

In visual terms have something to complain about. Computer graphics is slowly but surely kills pure art. Today, there are few who make crafts with their hands. Here, in most all well and good, but sometimes it hurts my eyes.


The film definitely worth watching, especially to fans of rides, fans of the genre or just fans of the franchise. Not to say that the advantages overshadow all the cons of the film, but they sincerely try. Many say that the Pirates had long sunk and the franchise died, but it is absolutely impossible to agree. The new part showed that according to the old patterns you can carve out something new, and even to complement the already well-trodden old. You will see the latest “Terminator” or “Transformers”, but who really rolled. But that’s “pirates of the Caribbean”, while one of them does not belong. But it just yet…

7 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 02.10.2017

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