New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 09.06.2017

The mast flies the black flag, rattle gun, pouring the rum river and hear the best pirate swearing. Yo-Ho, it’s back — the unsinkable Jack Sparrow! And, as always, magnificent soundtrack by Klaus Badelt opens the door to a surreal world, offering us a new Chapter in the life of the dashing and eccentric captain of the Black pearl.

Once upon a time, when Jack was a very young man and not got his famous nickname, fate brought him to a storm all pirates — captain Salazar. Furrowing the seas and oceans “Silent Maria” — a ship to strike fear into the heart of any Corsair, he destroyed the pirates around the world, until then, until they met Jack. Arrogant captain took the bait boys and was imprisoned in the heart of the Devil’s triangle — the place where “dead men tell no tales”…

The beginning of the story can show quite exciting, but after spitting on the laws of physics, the scene with the theft of the safe, which is like a parody of a similar scene from the fifth “fast and Furious”, it becomes clear that nothing good from this movie is not worth waiting. Fears, as it turned out, was not in vain, for the plot dramatically limped on both legs as the Salazar, and towards the end, and even hobbled on one leg like a poor man’s Hector Barbossa. The main incident of this action was its excessive awesomeness. Of course, the “pirates of the Caribbean” was never pseudodocumentaries or just an adventure film, however, in the film about the absurdity of the situation began to wild. Killer sharks, living statues, birds, ghosts and, as the apotheosis of all this, star glade in the middle of the ocean, sticking in the depths of forks, which, by the way, and do not fork at all, but a powerful artifact that allows its possessor to rule the seas. No, no, you are not wrong film. It’s not “Aquaman” from Marvel, it’s just played out the fantasy authors. I only wish that they sent her in the wrong direction. Where would be right to consider the appearance of the main villain, and along with his team, not the creating of “underwater friends” Salazar a cross between a pirate Ghost from the first film and fish-head creatures from the second. Maybe so the Director wanted to show that he follows the canons, however, the story progresses it becomes clear that the canons he spits from a high tower. And those who never wanted to see a repetition of Genesis, was waiting for a very unpleasant deja vu. Compass that TIA Dalma gave Jack Sparrow, suddenly turned out to be a gift from something completely different, unfamiliar to us before man, and his strength has increased ten times, thus giving rise to logical inconsistencies with the original trilogy.

To praise the movie for special effects but with a budget of two hundred millions, no wonder its technical bells and whistles naive and stupid. Especially that most of them clearly did not fit into the General outline. Not appreciate, in fact, created on the computer fierce fish or a ship-a skeleton. And except for the effects we loved the “Pirates”? No, of course. They burst onto the screens, becoming a breath of fresh air in the world of peplum. Yes there SIP. A real gust, a squall of wind, gave an unforgettable sea adventure filled with intrigue and treachery, courage and honor, love and hatred. An adventure story about cursed Aztec gold marine knot intertwined with a romantic story of a poor blacksmith and Governor’s daughter. And the culmination of all this was the emergence of one of the most unusual and charismatic characters in the history of cinema — Jack Sparrow, which the wise Mountains, took the role of a secondary character, the opposite a template cloyingly positive way Turner. Why am I writing so much about the history, you ask. Because of all this in the new movie we have been deprived. The ability to improvise, the agility and resourcefulness-and courage with courage, we fell in love with captain Sparrow, “sailed to the horizon”. And there was only the endless posturing and posing, which is not enough to pull a fifth part of the franchise at least to the level of obscure, somehow floundering afloat in the fourth part.

But it would be unfair to say that the original trilogy Gore Verbinski captivated the audience just the story finds. No, no, the Director wisely used bounties Bruckheimer and has done a Titanic work, replicating to the smallest detail the everyday life of the era, technical equipment of ships, as well as showing us a gorgeous naval battles, and most importantly, teaching his players brilliantly to wield a sword. And now remember how many times throughout the fifth movie, we heard the sound of blades? Here’s what it is. The film is punctuated with a fantastic evil and letting his actors to wriggle ceaselessly, the Director seem to have completely forgotten that shoots a pirate movie, not the tale of “Sinbad the sailor”…

Various sequels and trikvela in recent years have made a habit of his frustration. However, when it came to the “Pirates”, everyone thought as bad was the film, Jack can get him on his shoulders. After all, he is captain Sparrow! But, alas, the words of the genius of Alfred Hitchcock that the film is important only scenario “in the cube” was confirmed once again. And keeping in mind the original trilogy and the brilliant performance of Depp’s in it, it’s hard to resist repeating phrases parrot Mr cotton — “bury it!”.

3 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 09.06.2017

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