New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 10.06.2017

What can I say about the new film?

He is not even secondary, and tertiary. All fishechki “the Curse of the Black pearl” beat himself Gore Verbinski in the second and third series of the cycle. And now they no longer beat, and the banal chew for the twentieth time. Again the new evil (how can?), again the scene with the hanging, again fresh boy with fresh beauty on vocals.

When the waves ripped one enchanted ship, in whose existence nobody believed until it was too late — it was really cool! But now the local waters through the efforts of writers turned into a kind of rubbish dump of all kinds of undead and evil spirits. It is unclear where else in the Caribbean normal people come from, not polarise, not skeletons, not ghosts, not zombies, just people… how disgusting is your Caribbean sea!

New characters are completely faceless and old to do virtually nothing. Sparrow full movie symbolically holds in depressed condition a binge, desperately showing how it has got this pirate franchise. The episode with Paul McCartney absolutely unnecessary, from the series “honored grandfather,” the tortured eternal rivalry with the “Rolling stones”. Well, of course, Keith Richards in “Pirates” was removed, then it is also necessary!

All that was enough for new writers to add to the plot a Bank robbery. So Yes, I agree, the Bank “Pirates” robbed the first time. Still love to see an excursion into the past, the plot of “like young” by Sparrow. In the trailer scraps that scene looked stupid, but the episode as a whole was pleasant. And launching the “Black pearl” under the crown theme music — as if met a long-lost childhood friend and genuinely happy! Everything else — boredom, disbelief, boredom again.

Well, why do you think the new movie is complete bullshit, I explained, it remains to explain why the review green. The trick is that once, long ago, when all “we were young, green and innocent,” these films really meant a lot to me. How many times we ran to the cinema on “the Curse of the Black pearl” — better, perhaps, say to people not to frighten. And I’ve always treated this story not as a solo album of Jack Sparrow with extras, and played as a party of three characters. If you remember, first appears in the story Elizabeth, then will, then Jack Sparrow. It is clear that without him nothing would have happened, he was not a pathetic grimace clown (as in recent series), on the contrary — he shone against the background of a more noble, honest, and therefore more boring characters, cemented the history of the cement, saving her from two terrible cinematic vices — strained pathos and “brasilianska” melodrama. Nevertheless, it was a party for three. So, for example, I don’t see the 4th series. How can I view it if there is no bOnLisa part of the characters? Well, what if there is Jack Sparrow. And the rest? This is how to come to another part of the Lord of the rings and discover that the movie lost all the hobbits. Like, what’s the difference, Gandalf. And hobbit we and new unable to score, if that.

So, the last “polnokomplektnyh” series is “On the edge”. It appeared, by the way, exactly 10 years ago. The film was Batali terribly compressed time frame, and this affected everything — for example, already there were shooting, and the script as a classical diploma of the graduate is not something that has not been completed and it is good if half written. The result of the logic and dynamics of the narrative in the third film in a bad way and ends he did, to put it mildly, strange. No, maybe the writers and it seemed that they finished the film is beautiful and romantic, but in fact, it was pretty tragic. And so I can’t tell who is the most aggrieved party. I tend to think that most eventually got it Elizabeth, I do not know why the writers are SO against it.

So — no matter how boring and secondary new film, it had to be removed — at least in order to correct jambs Elliott and Rossio and lead to adequate denominator line will and Elizabeth. And for that “Piratcom-5” my tremendous appreciation and carriage of positive emotions after leaving the cinema! This in the franchise it’s time to put an end, it has outlived its usefulness, and if in the pursuit of money, the Hollywood concocted another series (“the Sparrow and some coffin on wheels”) — more likely to see it will not go. But for these “Untold tales” — a huge audience thanks!

6 out of 10

Yes, and separate so much of the domestic team dubbing! If the Sparrow spoke in a voice not Alexander Bargman, cinema would become unreal.

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 10.06.2017

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