New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 12.06.2017

What is the fifth film advantageously differs from its predecessor? Dynamics and nostalgic references to the beloved trilogy. Start: the pros of the picture.

Pretty good plot (but with numerous sins, which will be mentioned below), incredibly beautiful visuals: the visual made 10 points, good music, including the immortal soundtrack of”Pirates”we would like to mention an episode that takes a viewer into the past of Jack and Salazar: look fresh and interesting. Action is good (especially successful in the scene of the theft of the safe and attempt the execution of Jack and Karina), but still very sorry that the film is virtually absent of “pirate” action: duel with swords, mutual bombing ships, etc. Also the picture pleases strong acting: johnny Depp — not APE! It all costs a mediocre script, the actor himself is still lovely in the best way. Good Javier Bardem, newcomers Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario (a very beautiful girl, by the way) do not annoy, they both played well, about Geoffrey rush read on.

The last plus for me, but by value the largest one is the final picture. The ending is tied with the old franchise: it was just perfect, beautiful and impeccable!

Now for the sins of the film.

1) Humor. Yes, there was even quite a good joke, but it was too little against the background of many failed. It’s almost comes to the point of absurdity: almost all the dialogues of the film are based on stupid jokes, jokes, but if the last “Guardians” it works, here this fact is quite irrelevant.

2) Heroes. Ruined favorite characters specifically. Jack the whole movie looks like a regular clown and a drunk. Seriously: he just drinks and jokes, more doing absolutely nothing. And in this film he looks like some kind of a nice addition to events (if you think about all the key events does not depend, are not associated with Jack, he’s almost a secondary character in the film). Salazar does not cause delight: the villain turned out poorly written and lacking proper fear. Henry and Karina are positioned in the pattern as the pair faded copy of Elizabeth and will. Finally, Barbossa: all together looked this stunning character somehow. None of the sparks in the game Geoffrey rush that was in the previous parts, and the whole drama Barbossa sucked from the finger.

3) the Concentration of nonsense in the franchise continues to grow, a lot of them, you’ll see.

4) Violation of its own rules (the most obvious: Jack gave his compass to different characters in the franchise, but neither of which Salazar and out of the question; other violations associated with spoilers, so silent about them).

5) As all “comfortable” in this film (people are always in the right places at the right time, the action develops the most favorable way, etc.).

So, the film is watchable, dynamic and quite interesting, fun to you (especially if you “disable” your head while watching). Also warn you about the scene after the credits, be sure to stay to the end: the scene — fire, surprised much!

7 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 12.06.2017

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