New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 12.06.2017

Reading the reviews of the new “Pirates”, I was surprised to find many of them not too flattering, so I decided to write an honest detailed analysis of this film to protect his pretty battered honor.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales” — a new Chapter of the adventures of Jack Sparrow and captain Barbarosa, Elizabeth and will Smith. The new film is sturdy, well made adventure movie. It is a good dish, sufficiently broad: a new story with lots of adventure, a dose of humor, a pinch of affection and magic on the tip of a knife. The film was so successful, I think, because the creators stopped the “garden city” with new plot twists like in the previous films, and returned to clichés checked the old version of the first 3 parts of the movie. Here to you and a new Ghost ship and the pirate Ghost, and a new romantic line, and a magic item — the Trident of Poseidon, which broke all the fuss. If we add to this the irrepressible Jack Sparrow and his crew, the Barbaros and destroy all the curses that are hanging over the pirates, you get a pretty good plot for a new adventure.

The plot of the movie was intricate and intense, it is organically interwoven with the story of Henry, Karina, and captain Salazar. The story was full of “come backs” and references to the past characters, and it is very enlivens the narrative. Thus, we learn about the history of relations between the captain Salazar and young Jack, the secret origin of Karina and about the cherished desire of Henry. Such sentimentality, oddly enough, the movie is good, especially revealed through this character of captain Barbaros.

The cast is great. Each of the characters is vivid and unforgettable, starting with Jack and ending with monkey Barbaros. Jack Sparrow — the-top career of johnny Depp, as good as in previous films, there is nothing to talk about. As always, he manages to get in a lot of various comic situations. There’s a scene with a guillotine and the return of the black Pearl, and the battle with Salazar. Javier Bardem successfully fit into the image of a Spanish executioner pirates, especially with terrible special effects and his ship the shrimp. Very helpful and two new character — Henry and Carina, they’re both adventurers, handsome, a gambler, in addition to the ideal romantic couple are will and Elizabeth in a new way. They are very well diluted with a cohort of old pirates. The team of Jack Sparrow, Barbarosa, the soldiers and the commander of the Royal Navy — all in their places. I especially liked the return to episodes of will and Elizabeth, for this the creators of the film — a special thank you, because this is a completely made up love story of the characters and make her finally happy ending. Especially touching moment was the ending that the image Barbaros reveals a new side.

Overall the film is good it is a quality of humor, entertaining and good special effects, lots of Comedy, great camera work and good job of a costume designer. Film a bright, dynamic, the story holds to the end, although the denouement is predictable, but no less touching and exciting.

The filmmakers went back and the roots of the franchise, completed the epic curses, and heroes received a welcome reward. I think here need closure and to declare the final. Don’t know how to enter the Studio “Disney”, but the movie I put

8 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 12.06.2017

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