New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 12.06.2017


I love Pirates of the Caribbean. The first three parts, was gorgeous, Gore Verbinski, has created a simply gorgeous kynoselen. “On stranger tides” seemed to me a very peculiar film, but nevertheless, it is not bad. And now, he published “Dead men tell no tales”, six years later, after preduduschego of the film.

About the plot:

Captain Jack Sparrow is in trouble, however, as always. For his darling, go Captain Salazar and his ghostly pirates and his only hope — the Trident of Poseidon, only he can save Jack from all the misfortunes.

About the film:

Overall, the picture I liked. Even more than “On stranger tides”. However, it was not without the follies and illogical behavior.

The main characters in this strip, not Captain Jack Sparrow, oddly enough, and Karina Smith, the girl astronomer, and Henry Turner, son of will Turner. Around them, everything revolves, like our Earth.

Jack Sparrow here is behaving strangely, constantly drinking, doing crazy things, while contriving, poignantly or wittily make fun of his comrades in misfortune.

The character Javier Bardem — Captain Salazar, quite well exposed and well disclosed his motivation is revenge. However, it would not have tried Bardem to portray the terrible monster of phantom shadows, his eyes kind and it shows. With all this, the image is very cool, kinda reminds me of Davy Jones, but nevertheless inferior to him in charisma.

Also I applaud the character Geoffrey rush — Captain Hector Barbossa. Here he shows a more human, while remaining bloodthirsty pirate to hunt for treasure. His behavior gives me a sense of respect and he is very noble.

About the new heroes I can say that They are interesting and self-sufficient. Henry has motivation to get his father from the Flying Dutchman and break the curse, and Karina, to find something that worked all his life her father. It’s funny, because in 2017 in cinematografe, in some sense, it’s father’s day.

Of course, there is absolutely silly and ridiculous moments, but they are few and they do not irritate, on the contrary, this absurd and out of comical situations, mostly involving the Sparrow and his team.

Based on the foregoing, pirates of the Caribbean — Dead men tell no tales, it turned out, though silly, a bit absurd, but still funny movie about the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and his friends, saving it from his own problems. However, nothing new. Not the worst but not the best part, overall, is average, but a decent enough movie that can and should see the benefit you can obtain from viewing and aesthetic and audiovisual pleasure.

7 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 12.06.2017

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