New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 14.06.2017

A new part of all of the known Saga about a pirate adventure and specifically Jack Sparrow (if someone has long forgotten the name of) managed. It has flaws and the plot the picture is not as majestic, but I think the execution, the atmosphere and the spirit of everything for which we are so accustomed, played the leading role and the film met all expectations. Went on items.

The plot gradually gathers all the contestants for the main prize — the Trident of Poseidon, allegedly mythical artifact of the giver, as always, the strength and cure all ills. Looking for him: the main villain Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), the son of will Turner (the one who was played by Orlando bloom) Henry, and the young girl Karina Smith (Kaya Scodelario). But suddenly in search of getting into Captain Jack Sparrow (johnny Depp) and Captain Hector Barbosa (Geoffrey rush).

I really liked the story, despite the predictability, there is a fine line switching of different events and locations. The threads of fate of various characters intertwine, diverge and come together.

The film is very beautiful. The special effects at the highest level. Villain Salazar so is naturally made in the image of a Ghost or a dead Ghost that take your breath away. Computer graphics is not visible at all once, and it deserves applause. For example, in another film, which I will write later is very noticeable.

The pirates made it through that stage, which is called “second youth”, “new birth.” In the film there is everything a once fell in love with these adventures. Elegant music, quality humor, interesting puzzles. The true adventure. Yes, not with the glitter and the grandeur of the effect, Yes, may be less intense you have a picture about my favorite 1 and 2 parts, but with respect to 3 and especially 4 is a victory and success. The film justified the years of waiting and made a great, inventive ending, most likely, this successful movie series.

Finished powerfully. In the end there are two strong moment for which he had to endure. For me, if this is the end, is beyond praise.

Black pearl beautiful eyes not to tear.

Javier Bardem, once again shows us how gorgeous he is the actor in collecting my Luggage cool villains. I really like this actor. Interesting and attractive look Kaya Scodelario. Girl harmoniously fit the role of a daring, self-willed girl, with a scientific slant of interest. Geoffrey rush shines as always. In General it was nice to see everyone as old heroes and new. To see one character was my dream and it came true. Unfortunately it is in the actor list and you can guess, but luckily before the movie I never saw.

Never famous soundtrack will not lose its greatness, and the benefit of a familiar tune in the film a lot.

And on a separate line. Flashback about the familiarity of Jack and Salazar on 10 points. It appears Captain Sparrow was still a strategist and a strong leader. We initially knew him as a thief, swindler, lover of rum and excitement, and look at his youth — right “sea monster” dealt with a serious opponent using clever techniques.

9 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 14.06.2017

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