New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 14.06.2017

I have to say. After seeing the rating and reviews of the first movie was fear that the series changed for the worse in the fifth part. If you are a fan of the original trilogy, a fourth film, although was worse, but the bar held. And now after watching I can say that even though the sixth film expected to be released soon, but the second part of hexalogue promises to be, if not better, but on a level with the first!

If about the film itself. Will not be a lot to write about so a hundred times already described the positive parts of the film. Great Soundtrack, the actors are certainly no worse than before, the theme of the series perfectly seasoned. About the story the situation is twofold. It was feared that clocked a lot of old parts but under a different wrapper, to be sure. In fact it came out, but it was not a whole lot, and only the most necessary, that everyone love Pirates, so the story is also special claims is not present.

The new heroes this is the absolute rebirth of the old images that was a little disappointing, but since the main star remains captain Jack Sparrow and take into account the fact that despite the abundance of new characters, the emphasis is on him, it’s also the film I want to forgive.

In General, summing up, I want to say that “Pirates” has always been perceived as an entertainment movie and hotelos just to hold the bar, to give more time to dive into this universe at the appropriate level, but for this movie I want to forgive a lot.

8 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 14.06.2017

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