New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 16.06.2017

I truly love “Pirates of the Caribbean”, especially the first two. It’s a fun dynamic movies. Because of them I loved stories about pirates and sea adventures. I think not one I’m glad johnny Depp again, as Jack Sparrow (not resist already familiar to fans of PKM amendments: “CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow”) is back on the screens. But many things I did not like.

Johnny Depp is back, but the captain of the Black Pearl is not the same. In the first part is eccentric cunning pirate who likes to drink rum and trying to get out of all difficult situations. And what he became in the fifth part? It did an alcoholic who, like all men, looks stupid on the background of Karina, the new heroine. And it looks tight. Karina Smith, to be honest, it seems to me uninteresting. She has beautiful looks, gorgeous eyes and one expression throughout the film. Oh, and she is the daughter of… Hector Barbossa that left the franchise at the end of the film. But will Turner is the son, Henry. Henry and Karina — it’s like Elizabeth and will, but they lack something. But he loved many of the Duo Orlando and Kira appears for a few seconds. I was glad to learn that, but thought there will be more in the film. Perhaps Disney wants to get rid of old characters and introduce new ones, as in “Star wars”. But it won’t be the same. I’m sorry that this is happening with my favorite movies. And in some aspects a fifth of the PCM breaks the logic of the first parts. Why?

The picture is very beautiful. Action liked. For him and revisits “Dead men tell no tales”. But the story itself is not hooked up. Appeared silly jokes. But the young Sparrow I fell in love.

“Pirates” is the movie looking to raise the mood, see on adventure. I got the pleasure of watching, but still somewhat disappointed. This film is in any case not bad, he’s kind of… Average. If you compare with the first part. Particularly depressing that there are fewer actors who have played from the beginning. But if you think about it, what can they do? The story finished in part three.

6 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 16.06.2017

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