New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 19.06.2017

What are we told in the film about a daring pirate franchise? Definitely not say.

We all know how daunting was to break “the Curse of the Black Pearl” back in 2003, how this film quickly and permanently conquered the hearts of millions of viewers. Thanks to him, the very charismatic and talented johnny Depp became a star of world scale. Success was inevitable, because the film is, well, just everything: a fascinating story, the atmosphere of adventure, mystery, love story, good special effects, humor, memorable soundtrack, all of this multiplied for a great game on the part of each actor. And all the same I can say about the second and third part, I adore this trilogy. The fourth film left mixed feelings so mixed that the output of the fifth part prepared long and very hard, because stopped one step away from failure.

Above the ship is the fifth part of fluttered the banner of nostalgia. At least, that’s how I tried to imagine the movie makers. But here’s the thing: between nostalgia and repeating themselves a pretty fine line. And I often felt that I am watching is the second. And hardly anyone would much to complain about, if retry is made better. But this is not the case.

Take the villain. She is his story starts very much like the previous Jack Sparrow somewhere crossed him. With all due respect to Javier Bardem, the title of best villain of the franchise does not Shine it exactly. Not because the game was bad, but because the character of Salazar is flat. The story of Davy Jones to watch was a lot more interesting.

The plot, frankly, is also not particularly Shine twists, I decided to take the entertainment, not the wisest move. I could not believe that this is possible, but in some places it was frankly boring. Boring. While watching “Pirates of the Caribbean”. That is so wrong.

Then a sweet couple — Henry and Carina, performed by Brandon Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario. I was surprised at the criticism in their address until I went to the movies. Well, they do not pull on the new full-fledged characters. Unfortunately, they are really only a pale copy of the bright and living will and Elizabeth. Again, I think it’s not a bad game, and in poorly written characters. If, again, remember PCM there for one film, we see how Elizabeth changes from chained rules high society lady to a rebel who finds the courage to act according to his heart. We see how the will of a rather timid boy-the blacksmith, to whom no one treated seriously, has turned into a strong and brave man, capable of desperate acts for the sake of justice and love. In MNRS Henry and Karina to the end of the movie remain the same Henry and Karina, even though they’ve got enough adventure.

The humor of the film, too, has slipped somewhere. The first movie was famous for a lot of funny moments, funny battles (triple duel on the mill wheel from the 2nd part, you’re wonderful!), jokes, puns, some funny minded soldiers and pirates. There’s a lot of stupid situations that were intended as funny, seem rather contrary. First and foremost, I mean the scene with the alleged wedding on some island. You just want to “unsee” it, why is it there at all? And in General, the funny moments don’t always raise a smile.

Fortunately, the merits of the movie still there.

Of course it’s johnny Depp and Geoffrey rush. Those who have never been a weak link for all movies. I love that Captain Jack Sparrow through the rest of the story remains the same crazy pirate, no matter how it threw life. And like what Barbossa opposite appears each time from a new angle, in the new circumstances, he, too, has its own history. In this film we are more familiar with the stories of both characters, as for me that’s what gives the film it sinking.

Another advantage can be called the image. I liked how was a picture of Salazar with his team. Well, Yes, there is something from the shampoo in flowing hair Salazar, although the idea as if they played by the sea, but in a very unusual idea, as if they were frozen in the first seconds after the explosion, when they began to disintegrate. Therefore, some have only half. Rejuvenated Depp is not perfect, of course, but it’s OK. And loved, loved, loved the ocean in the context of beauty.

Fatty such a plus was the appearance of the old heroes. Quite short, but so beautiful and emotional that the film has started to seem much better.

Despite all the obvious blunders don’t want to say that the film is a failure, although it is still weaker than the previous one. It is very difficult to criticize a world that so fascinated once. Unknown, will decide whether to continue the “Pirates…”, but the post-credits scene gives me hope.

And while

5 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 19.06.2017

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