New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 27.06.2017

Just think about it — the franchise for 13 years! 13!!! It seemed that recently I watched the first part on the tape. And revised so many times that I still remember the movie word for word.

New part, of course, is not stronger than the first pictures, but certainly more interesting the previous one, which I do not remember.

Many criticized Depp supposedly plays out, but the pirate series changes everything: Directors, composers, actors, so it is very important to the epic remained a link that will awaken a bit nostalgic.

Time goes by and replaced by, the native families, the Turners came the young fresh faces. They are not as charismatic, but something in them. We do not expect a philosophical, meaningful series, we are waiting for the beloved, in the best tradition of entertaining movie, where each scene of the attraction. And the relatives of the Jack which, entirely musikanter. In this part we are waiting for Paul McCartney himself!

Though Disney and is planning the sixth part, and in my opinion “Dead” simply draw a line under the canonical pirate trilogy. We know where Jack came from, why he’s a “Sparrow”, see the pathetic pirate drift of his youth, and a logical ending to the whole epic, the “point” — the long-awaited reunion of loved ones, our heroes.

In the end, the franchise, like all good things, should come to a logical conclusion. I would not want to watch as latter-day Directors will continue to suck the stories out of your head. Therefore, it is too late, stop!

8 out of 10

New review: pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales 27.06.2017

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