New review: planet of the apes: War 10.10.2017

As a Preface:

The first part had a certain drama and originality of the submission material with a relatively predictable plot and generally looked on one breath.

The second part raised a very simple but logical in the story the relationships between the apes and humans. In General, inferior to the first study on the quality of, but yet are not allowed to miss.

Now, actually, the third film.

This is an absolute disappointment.

The plot is more suitable to the action movie of the 90s, however, the film was 2 hours of time is clearly a shortage of battle scenes and action.

Story drama leaves no hope for an interesting effect.

The logic of events calls into question the quality of the script, the feeling that the script was written assuming a very low mental capacity of the viewer — I do not know, hoping that “will do” or that the viewer will be too hard to empathize with the characters… Hard to imagine that a little bit trained military will be so I just treat the protection of “prisoners,” location of strategic facilities with flammable materials, the placement of a single chain “charges” under the fortifications — and in General, to be so inconsiderate.

the last “battle” and “offensive” does not stand up to scrutiny. Where the writers saw that in the fight in the 21st century, the troops moved with such density of building…

The acting is hard to estimate, because with the exception of woody Harrelson all play under the “mask” of the apes.

The soundtrack does not match the intensity with what is happening on the screen — in the “tearful” moments, of course, plays “corny” music, but the weakness of the other components does not allow to penetrate the depth of the time and losses: General farce of the plot and the apparent laziness of the writers have all, in General good Celia composer.

3 out of 10

New review: planet of the apes: War 10.10.2017

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