New review: planet of the apes: War 13.09.2017

A third film with Matt Reeves from the restart of the classics of fantastic ribbons is in itself an event of great magnitude on the decline in almost all key Hollywood blockbusters this year. And it’s not even a blockbuster in the classical sense -this picture is undoubtedly deeper than it may seem.

After the events of the previous part, the war of humanity with intelligent primates is gaining momentum. People knocked down by the virus, ironically created by human hands, are waging a fierce war for survival, intending to kill monkeys becoming smarter and more developed. Caesar and his tribe will be faced with a new threat in the form of a ruthless Colonel, United States army in the performance of woody Harrelson. The Colonel determined to put an end to an evolutionary dispute between the parties.

Picture of Matt Reeves catches the eye of a skilful references of the legendary war dramas Coppola and Kubrick, inspired largely by their “Apocalypse now” and “full Metal shell”. This is not a film about the war in the spirit: the good against the bad. It is a deep analysis of the consequences of the war, its causes and goals. About the parties, their rates and victims. And if You made a bucket of popcorn to see massive battles in the style of “Transformers”, you’ll certainly be disappointed, as it did not buy the title and synopsis. The battle scenes in the film, only two: at the beginning and the end. And the whole story focuses not on the war itself but on what it leaves behind, it changes the characters and what is.

In this particular case, the war of the primates and humans can be traced to the competent scenario work, ably demonstrating what the reasons may be more than one but the parties to the conflict more than two. Right or no, or right all. After all, the stumbling block of the motives of each of the parties is only one important question: who will survive. The main plot twist is revealed to the spectator the main features of: co-exist peacefully side-not in a bloodthirsty force of human nature, but because the survival of one will lead to the extinction of others. And only evolution is important. Associated with the genre of drama and acting only heighten the effect of the production. Andy Serkis conveys the emotions of his character, despite the fact that most of it created using computer graphics. Woody Harrelson perfectly executed hard the Colonel — like role if it was written. And his character is not another militarized psychopath. In this picture doubtless everyone and everything has two sides.

In conclusion, I want to note that despite all the positive aspects of this film, for all its depth and drama, never ceases to leave the idea that the main characters are highly developed primates, reminding all in the first place it is fantastic. And this picture will take pride of place in its genre.

+: Setting, script, cast, music.

-: Slightly inhibitory dynamics.

New review: planet of the apes: War 13.09.2017

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