New review: planet of the apes: War 27.07.2017

Interestingly, my last review was just on the second part of the revived frnachise, and my inner perfectionist demanded the complete analysis of the trilogy and to put an end to his vision of the history of Caesar, so let’s start.

Note the second part is only judged this film. The film is expected for many, considered by many as the best summer blockbuster. This is deceptive and can be misleading. For example, me — I was waiting for the movie “fat” junction with an incredible final twist to the exit of the cinema hands were trembling, and the brain frantically went through the footage in the blind hope to build a puzzle and melt in the ecstasy of euphoria. Alas, no. Not with this film. All, of course, on the level of plot, flow, new characters, but not that. This film is straight until the last final titer, predictable, every frame, every scene. But it’s not bad, no. Just we, the audience, become boring straight stories, this is a “Kitchen” and “transformers”, we need intrigue! Which, alas, is not here.

But to call the movie bad, I can’t, no. It is interesting, lingering, with atmospheric music and authentic environment. The world is dying, that’s understandable, but desperately fighting for their existence. So here and there we still see signs of human civilization, and even meet with its representatives. Not the brightest, though charismatic. Anyone watched Apocalypse now, understand, I’m talking about. The reference to the “Apocalypse” appeared along with the bald Colonel, and when he told Caesar his philosophy, deep down, I applauded, I liked it. Well, the scene with the corrected inscription in the tunnel and did all doubt swept aside — the writers obviously hinted at “Apocalypse now.” Here and atmosphere “: IN” like — dullness, hopelessness, despondency and hopelessness. All of these heavy emotions are read even in the weather.

So, I will only mention the main disadvantages that I can bring to a movie:

1) Predictability — the writers were able to wrap up the plot so valiantly as possible, and at the same time to start the following movies.

2) Holes in the plot — this is the most part about a new strain of the epidemic, would like to hear about it, but I think the disease was introduced only in order to beautifully wrap up a scene with a children’s toy.

3) the Lack of positive heroes-people — the third part is really quite inhuman, the people in it are coming solely as fanatical warriors killer. It’s a little frustrating, because I want to believe in the wisdom until the end.

This is perhaps the only negative aspects that I did not go. They would not — would be a perfect summer blockbuster. And just movie fit.

New review: planet of the apes: War 27.07.2017

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