New review: planet of the apes: War 28.07.2017

I look at the Jul decided to make up for the awful May and June. Finally released the final film of a new trilogy about the Planet of the Apes: “battle for the Planet of the Apes” and it breaks the template on the topic “everyone knows that the third movie is always the worst.” The film is quite simply magnificent.

Due to the actions of Koba last film people entered into open confrontation with the Monkeys, and began to track them down and destroy. During one of these raids killed the son and wife of Caesar, for which now there are only two purposes in life: to provide rest to your pack, and to get even with the Colonel.

This movie is good for me I was surprised and impressed. First, of course, due to misguided expectations. PR from Fox took a very bold and risky step when it decided to simply put, I’m sorry, Nai**th to the audience in the trailers. In fact, “the war for the planet of the apes” is not so much a standard blockbuster about the constant clashes between the primates and Homo sapiens, how harsh war drama in the setting of the planet of the apes. For good, almost all the action showed in the trailers, and the film basically shows the journey of Caesar and his loyal comrades Maurice, rocket and Luke in search of Colonel in the style of the Last of Us. If we talk about the war, the real war is inside Caesar. Tear it in half the duties of a leader, and a desire to take the pack to a safe place, but on the other hand eats his thirst for revenge, and the fear that if she succumbs, it will be no better than Koba, who never forgave people for what they did to him. So the main plot is basically simple, but the subtexts, allusions, and a good study of the characters puts this movie above all other movies of this summer.

Don’t know whether it makes sense to say that Andy Serkis is a genius? I think no, but I say, Serkis is a genius. One of the best actors of our time, and here he gave his best performance. For all computer face of Caesar you see the real face of Andy, and eyes with facial expressions he plays like some actors do not play using it. Seriously, it is time to introduce awards for MoCap roles. The other monkeys also played at the highest level. Most of all (after Caesar) I always liked Maurice. A great character and played cool, and in this film he has a small podsweat with a little girl New (I wonder if this is a reference, or the same Nova?), and this is the most touching thing in the film, and Amaya Miller, a well-played, well done. Believe she’s got a great future. You can also note the character’s Bad Monkey performed by Steve Zahn, a good Comedy actor, and the character itself a kind of Comedy sidekick turned out good. Kind of like that even in the most difficult moments there is a character that is not discouraged and is able to defuse the situation. With the human hand visible character only one — the Colonel is played by woody Harrelson, and he is great in this role. The character is so a big Hello to Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, and the Antagonist from it was very bright. (By the way, is the second film about the apes, after Kong makes references to the work of Coppola, and it’s funny)

Actually about the technical side there is little to say. Technology with each film getting better and better, and in the third film better than the previous. And Michael Giacchino outdid himself, and gave his best soundtrack for the last two years. The sound was very cool and a good old fashioned. As for the disadvantages, the only minor flaw I think is the ending. Yes, the film holds a line and finishes. The story of Caesar, but does it somehow strange and a little far-fetched. And if you, the creators decided to use this move, so beat it more interesting. But in General it is, quibbling.

Now I probably want to bring a line under the whole new trilogy and make it an overall verdict, because when the movies came out I have not wrote reviews. A new trilogy of “planet of the Apes” is a good example of the holistic trilogy, where every next movie is better than the previous. It seems that Rick Jaffa and Amanda silver, the film initially in the same script described the events of all three movies, and then divided them. We showed a smooth decline of mankind from the first infection to almost complete annihilation, and the gradual evolution of primates, which must now take the place of a developed species in the food chain. The main character of the entire trilogy, Caesar, perfectly spelled, for all movies we see people and events that shape his character and attitude towards certain things that he wants to pass on to their relatives, to organize their house, and in the end becomes for them a kind of Moses.

10 out of 10

It was a good experiment that was a success.

New review: planet of the apes: War 28.07.2017

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