New review: planet of the apes: War 31.07.2017

After watching this film, I can say little. That is what a trilogy about the rise of the Planet of the Apes you can without any doubt be considered an example of sci-Fi movies. None of them should be considered “summer” blockbusters just because the films do not rely on the unrealistic battles with lots of explosions and destruction. The first part showed the formation of the first intelligent APE Caesar and the first encounter between humans and intelligent apes, asking us a question “whether Has the right the result of the experiment?”. The second part is already leading the apes to a new level, showing that not all monkeys have the same opinion, as any society that has intelligence, will sooner or later give rise to different views and Outlook. “Revolution” proved that the monkeys are no different from people and assume someone is better or worse, and clearly stand on the side of humans or primates — challenges. But on the way we have the third part, which should answer all questions and complete the formation of the planet of the Apes.

A unique feature of the “War” is that the story itself brings us to this event. People after the Revolution are beginning to intensively kill monkeys to prevent the spread of disease and for the salvation of humanity from the invaders. Monkeys, themselves wanting the world try to come to terms with the fact that people will not give up, and try not to provoke new conflicts.

“War” shows us what each of the warring races will have their own dark side. Before that, we saw that monkeys and people wanted a truce, but here in the darkest hour Wake up your inner demons. Caesar realizes that it absorbs the idea of an old enemy Koba about the destruction of mankind, although he previously did something else.

Mysterious, ruthless Colonel (woody Harrelson), who will pay for all what he did, also not a villain. He has his own, albeit inhumane, the motives and methods of saving people from the virus. Caesar, desiring his death, understands what goes wrong, which starts the generation of emotional contradictions.

This and the rest tells us that, unlike the “Revolution” there will be no heroes, no feats for feats. In a decisive duel will come true, nothing withhold, characters, personality. Are what they are. Without too much pathos, of fancy words and dialogues. Neither the Colonel nor Caesar will not say too much, they will show what is happening inside them. For this it is to praise the actors who played them. And woody Harrelson, and Andy Serkis will “shoot” such an incredible charisma that only their views will run down my spine and tremble deep in the heart.

Contradictions are generated when we see heroes and villains, loyal to their race and traitors from all sides. The illusory nature of the concepts “good” and “evil” reaches its maximum value, which will involuntarily begin to worry about all at once. In this, perhaps, is the culmination of the trilogy, as the evolution of the apes comes to the highest level, and people with it do not intend to tolerate, and at the same time the monkeys have their own plans for further development.

That is, the film is not about the war, which tells us a story with colorful duels, flags, Patriotic cries, and other stereotypical nonsense. “Planet of the Apes: War” shows the war on a more biological level, and this is the event talking about how the selection, the displacement of two equal, conflicting for further dominance. Who will win this difficult battle and need to know the audience. Caesar and the Colonel are similar in spirit and objectives of the entity. Everyone has their own ambitions and points of view, but the goal is always to save your form and not to give the enemy to destroy native people.

In the movie “planet of the Apes: the war of the” wonderful things: the cast, the story, soundtrack, atmosphere and style. Matt Reeves made his film is bleak and at the same time powerful climax. There will be no triviality, no pathos, and at the same time nothing extraordinary. On the one hand the film is simple, the other complicated. Heroes and villains throw off masks, humans and monkeys will be stronger and more dangerous for each other, but when it will be about the fate of the entire planet, nobody would stop to save her.

9 out of 10

New review: planet of the apes: War 31.07.2017

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