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Quite entertaining is the fact that full-length animated cartoon from Pixar called “Cars” I could not boast of some amazing cash values, but the payback has exceeded all conceivable limits thanks to the excellent sales of many related products. Not had time to get to the cinema the children familiar with the adventures of Lightning Macquenn by using a home video and then pulled at the hands of their parents into the nearest toy store where you just had to be copies of favorite characters. The calculation of Director John Lasseter proved to be correct on all hundred, after which the producers decided to continue the story of sentient automobiles in additional projects, including video games and burdensome Comedy series known as “Tales of the Master”. Not even trying to outdo the original film in terms of color and sharpness of the narrative, the authors humorous cycle nevertheless managed to please fans of “Cars” a charming story, with mandatory use of iconic cartoon characters Lasseter, providing the “Tales of the Master” excellent ratings and along with the three glorious season, during which the eccentric tractor became almost more popular four-wheeled friend children than himself Lightning McQueen.

So, the plot of each series revolves around the one and only Master, in whose honor and was named the project. Finally he found Radiator springs very sympathetic ear in the person of a visiting guest is a native of big races, battered by life the truck tells him about the incredible adventures that took place in the distant and not so distant past. Viewers of the original “Cars,” you know Master, how good-natured and perfectly harmless, good-natured, earlier not leaving his hometown even for a day. However, as he says in the tractor, in his personal history there are many interesting episodes, which it’s time to talk in more detail. As is known from the tales, once the Master and himself took part in the races, only the evidence somehow disappeared from the annals of history. And that the adventures of the hero do not even think to end. In his youth the Master was a real member of the musical group, traveling about the world with concerts, and once even met a UFO, with which we have established neither more nor less, and close encounters of the third kind! Also, our talkative guy did not miss the opportunity to boast that he visited the town where everything is run by the planes and even tried to become a conqueror of the heavens, though not the most positive result. During the years of wandering across the planet, the Master even managed to be a formidable restlera and Savior famous astronaut, and even if all these stories are absolutely unnatural, Lightning Makkuin, and we do not even have time to wonder, because at the end of each series, the arena goes a real participant in the adventure of the Master, thereby confirming the truth of his amazing stories.

Grasp the extension of the world of “Cars”, the authors of the original cartoon rightly judged that the Master should give a little more time revealing the image, as in the original story he was attended by the considerable number of hilarious antics, from which sometimes even outshone the Lightning Macquenn. Of course, to shoot a feature film the Master was too risky, so the best way out began shooting the series, which automatically priovolos the attention of children and adults, rated the “Cars” appreciated. But really fancy the creators of “Tales of the Master” was definitely not to take. In fact, they had the right to think whatever I want, not looking back at the events of the film, John Lasseter. It is therefore not surprising that Frank crank the Master suddenly transformed into a hero of epic proportions, even if his words still some innuendo despite the clear evidence of his brave exploits. In addition to the main culprit of the series, of the Master, their share of attention and gets McQueen, inevitably becoming one of the main protagonists of all the stories of an old friend. Of course, the appearance of red racing car in the bikes of the tractor looks a little dramatic even by the standards of the series, but always nice to see in a favorite Maquinna, and did not abandon the honor to remain an honored guest, and even a resident of Radiator springs.

It is gratifying that in addition to simple, understandable even to infants humor, the creators of “Tales of the Master” saturated history multiple thematic references to works of popular culture, including songs and movies, known mainly for an adult audience. This means that those responsible for the series I wanted to create something more than an optional fluorescent video format, is simply filling an essential space. The adventures of Mater and Mackenna full of amusing dialogue, is not deprived of quality music as you sing righteous morality is needed as a fatherly edification of a young audience. Although it should be noted that excessive teachings “Tales of the Master” are not tied, making all the series look without too much seriousness in fulfilling its most important purpose — to be a great entertainment for the whole family. John Lasseter spoke at the project as a creative consultant and tried once again not to interfere in the work of the team, thus showing her trust. And the result has brought satisfaction and Pixar, and the audience, received a fun and colourful spectacle reminiscent of the beloved cartoon.

In the end I want to say that “Tales of the Master” may not the most sophisticated Comedy cartoon series, but he is able to raise your mood and good amuse. The decision to put at the head of the history of the Master was correct, as a battered truck actually turned out to be incredibly interesting and funny character that deserves full disclosure. And I wish you only the most pleasant viewing!

7 out of 10

New review: pokémon: the first movie 16.06.2017

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