New review: Poldark 21.06.2017

Never wrote reviews before, but now just can’t resist. “Poldark” is, in my opinion, the best series of our time. Only viewed by me for the last time (and they were many) that left such a strong resonance in the soul. I reviewed the first two seasons released at the moment, twice, and still never ceases to admire the aesthetic, narrative and meaning “Poldark”.

The series is based on a cycle of historical novels by Winston Graham “the Saga of Poldark”, all available in several books I have read and although they are good to me too, I think that the creators of the series just surpassed its capabilities, and made just a good family Saga piercingly beautiful and touching story on the screen. A small story adjustments only came good for the show and thanks to them, he looks at one go.

Reading the previous negative review, I honestly came in blatant shock. All, and I thank the show perceived by the reviewer are diametrically opposed. Of course, if you’re a fan of “Game of thrones”, violence, sex, blood, and guts out, then Yes, “Poldark” will greatly disappoint.


Such bright, vivid, emotional characters I have not met. Each has its own story, character, advantages and disadvantages. Even our main character is not perfect, Ross Poldark is definitely noble, fair and brave, he makes the beat faster the hearts of millions of women, but in the meantime he is bold, reckless, he first does and then thinks, which often makes mistakes and nakliyat trouble on himself and his family. By the way, Aidan Turner plays like a God, and is the main highlight of the show. Great talent!

George — on the contrary, presented as the main antagonist. But it is contradictory and not devoid of a certain amount of humanity. I’m sure that the character before us will be revealed from an unexpected quarter.

Francis Poldark is a very complex character who undergoes a transformation from an inexperienced chick in the embittered villain, and then finally reconciled with himself and life.

Dr. Enis — model of nobility, integrity and duty, but because of his indecision could not arrange his fate.

The three main female character — each in its own way, a decoration of the series. Lofty, decorous, careful , Elizabeth, sensitive, cheerful and practical Demelza and playful, headstrong and charming neverovatno Caroline. Did not like me just the way Verity, I thought the actress that plays badly, or simply not suited for this role.

From the secondary characters I want to highlight separately Jude Paynter (well, looks so good this drunken, unhappy and comical rascal) and captain Henshaw (considered a friend, a counselor, a faithful and reliable partner).

The music in the series is simply unmatched. Never rewind the Intro of the series, touched, almost to tears. And moments in the show when Demelza sings, very soulful.

The plot is versatile, the series touches upon many topics. In addition to the main love line and development of the opposition of Ross and George, in each episode the characters are faced with other problems: hard work, hunger, disease, poverty, treachery, treason, misalignment, bias and prejudices etc., which involved many secondary characters, making the series even more interesting.

A special pleasure for the beauty of the landscapes of Cornwall, against which the action takes place, as well as the re-creation of costumes, hairstyles, interiors and objects of everyday life of England of that era. Still, the BBC is able shoots high-quality historical costume drama, Bravo!

Adaptation is very strong, atmospheric, it’s real! After each series just choke wave of impressions and emotions. I recommend to view and impatiently waiting for the next seasons.

10 out of 10

New review: Poldark 21.06.2017

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