New review: Poor Cinderella 28.07.2017

In the end — every self-respecting movie star should be in the asset pompous epic, the costume/historical film, preferably in two parts and with Technicolor.

Than Betty Boop worse than Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo?..

No worse than nothing, the creators decided that the Betty in 1934, and in particular the author of the classic short cartoon’s — Dave Fleischer. Came to light this creature mad genius — “Poor Cinderella”. Pompous, suiting, in Cinecolor, to the tune of the famous fairy tale Pierrot — I think one of the most popular stories as the artists, animators, and in General. To summarize a ten-minute “Shorty” seems unnecessary, however — on a couple of points will stop.

First, Fleischer thing extremely progressive, by itself, the toon stands out among all the others in the series Betty Boop: picture color (the above-mentioned two-color Cinecolor system), is widely used multi-camera to produce a similar effect to 3D (the dance scene at the ball).

Secondly (and the main) absolutely gorgeous intonation. Well, the right word — storyboard and classic techniques animators of the Golden age of singing Jack — o ‘ – beaming smile Jack-o-lantern, the appearance in the animated cameo roles of famous American stars Rudy Vallee — popular musician and favorite female part of the audience — it’s all so in the spirit of the 1930s!

For my taste — a true classic of American animation and one of the most remarkable films in the series Betty.

New review: Poor Cinderella 28.07.2017

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