New review: power Rangers 18.06.2017

I must say, I watched the original “Power Rangers”. Except that bits 5-7 min. Therefore: the opinion is purely subjective.

In short, a film I liked (well, loved, if the evoked emotions, positive) to 66% of the duration from the start of viewing. That is equal to the moment that began the action. The last 30-45 minutes of the film was inspected for ticks. The special effects where something is done to “fuck off”. Sort of is, but at the same time, the naked eye visible shoals. Elementary to speed up/slow down another 2-3 seconds — and to watch a little bit, but nicer. I will assume that the budget is the maximum that could squeeze out, but… who knows.

The actors play different (or the scenario is, and they squeezed what I could): they really believe, and where you want to turn off the movie and watch.

Overall, the film is a hodgepodge. My personal opinion: something is taken from “Transformers”, something from “Pacific rim”, another of the teen films such as “the Hunger games” or “the maze Runner”/”Divergent” (regarding the last paragraph mean heroes-teenagers who were nobody and suddenly become a superhero/fight crime/save the world etc.”).

Can’t recommend fans of the series, but if you suddenly decided to watch easy a movie without much story and average special effects — view. If you want something bigger — it is better to go the comic book movies Marvel or the same “Trasformery”/”Pacific rim”.

You know, of course, movies is better, BUT… still far from those films, which I want to do a “facepalm”. Tolerant in General.

New review: power Rangers 18.06.2017

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