New review: power Rangers 22.06.2017

It’s funny, but as a child, I believed the series “power Rangers” nonsense. They were not Turtles, not was Spider-Man, wasn’t X-Men, but it was a show about people in cheap plastic costumes. In 2К17 year, comes a feature film for this series delirious from Chinese plastic. And… he’s gone…

And with that, the old cheap Chinese plastic, replaced by a new computer cheap Chinese plastic, the film left a conceptual legacy. The villain “I’m all tough and powerful, will destroy the Earth… what? Why? Well… because I’m bigger and stronger!” style, threatens the world, and the world needs heroes, which will be held at the blurry stages of formation of superheroes to usher in a graphic mess, in the language of kinodela called the “epic final super mega fight of big-budget blockbuster”.

The film is utterly naive and old-fashioned than actually captivating. But not helpless. The script in this concept, without providing for the animal a dose of seriousness and realism is quite good. The directing itself is quite good, and the shooting cards, like unexpected plans and style decisions. With music there’s fifty-fifty, that’s too banal, close, but “go go power Rangers” out of the competition! Despite the fact that I am not able to feel nostalgic for the original.

Which in turn leads to the conclusion that the film was viewed solely for the sake of easy joyride for once, gorgeous Cranston (not Billy), but for kinomanskie portfolio. What is the opposite of all three objectives, feel free to put a check. A good picture entertains quite fit the action, which though is a Transformers on minimal, looks very bright and juicy. “Stylish, trendy, youth!” and begs. Therefore, this film is more of a competition straight to the folder “Cinemacompany”. Heisenberg, damn…

New review: power Rangers 22.06.2017

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